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Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact
※ The following, unless otherwise stated, preschooler Admission is not allowed.
2020/06/14 "Two sets of youth enka Hayabusa and Tatsumi Yu and concert 2-singing the heart of Japan!"

[Notice of postponement of Okegawa performance on Sunday, June 6]

We consider the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection and the prevention of infection to customers as the top priority,PostponementI decided to. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to many people who have been looking forward to this performance, and we ask for your understanding.

Incidentally,Regarding transfer performance, we will carry out as followsI will do.

[Postponement schedule]
October 10 (Sun) Saitama / Okegawa Civic Hall
Open 13:30 Start 14:00

* There will be no change in the opening time.

Tickets can be used as-is at the transfer date and timePlease keep it in a safe place.
* For customers who are inconvenient during the transfer schedule, the ticket fee will be refunded at each play guide purchased. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Only the ticket price will be refunded. Purchase fees and transportation expenses are excluded.
* Refunds are not possible without tickets. Please take your ticket with you.

<Refund period>
From June 2020, 6 (Sunday) to July 14, 2020 (Friday)
* Refund period varies depending on the purchaser. Please check the following.
* Please note that we cannot accept refunds after the period ends.

<Refund method>
We will respond at the play guide / hall you purchased (ticket is required). The refund method depends on the play guide you purchased, the method of receiving tickets, and the payment method.

Click here for information on refunds

[Venue] Saitama / Hibinomori Okegawa Civic Hall
(Approximately a 9-minute walk from Okegawa Station on the JR Takasaki Line)
[Price] Advance ticket: All seats reserved ¥ 4,300 / Same-day ticket: ¥ 4,800
※ preschool children admission not
Saitama [Doors open] 13: 30
[Curtain] 14: 00
2020/07/01 “DREAM ENERGY in Hyogo
Transfer performance of 4/3 (Friday) performance

[Notice of performance cancellation]

Based on the spread of new coronavirus infection,Unfortunately, the holding of 7/1 (Wednesday) is canceledI will. We sincerely apologize for making this report to everyone who is looking forward to the performance, but we kindly ask for your understanding.

The ticket refunds are as follows.

<Purchased at Ticket Pia>
[Including Pia Pre-reservation advance and general sales]
Refund method: The procedure differs depending on the ticket collection method.
After confirming the customer's pick-up method, proceed to the explanation page of the relevant refund method from the following URL.
[Contact] Ticket Pia Information 0570-02-9111 (10: 00-18: 00)

[Venue] Hyogo / Hyogo Prefectural Arts Center, Hankyu Naka Hall
(2 minutes walk from Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station, Hankyu Railway Kobe Main Line / Imazu Line, 15 minutes walk from Nishinomiya Station, JR Tokaido Main Line)
[Performers] Rinana, Mari & Goldfish Lehman (Ponkotsu group), Happy ethnic group, Kobe / Kiyomori squad, Aso Kawasaki, Junko Akimoto, Paper braids (in no particular order, title omitted)
【Price】 7,700 yen (All seats specified · tax included)
Hyogo [1 part] 14: 00
[2 part] 18: 00
(Replacement system)
DREAM ENERGY Executive Committee Secretariat
2020/07/19 "Hayabusa Song Concert in Kinugawa Gyoen"

[Notice of cancellation]
The following events have been canceled. We are very sorry for the fans who have been looking forward to it, but we appreciate your understanding.

[Date] 2020 years 7 month 19 (day)
Part 1 13:00-Part 2 20:00-
* Information to the seat is planned 30 minutes before.

[Venue] Tochigi / Hotel Kinugawa Gyoen
(Approximately 10 minutes on foot from Tobu Railway Kinugawa Line "Kinugawa Onsen Station", there is a hotel direct bus from Kanto for guests and reservations only. For details, see Hotel Kinugawa Gyoen HP)

[Price] * All seats reserved (we will guide you in the order of application)
For guests: 1,500 yen (excluding tax) * Free viewing Free seats are located behind the theater.
Day trip: Advance ticket 2,000 yen (excluding tax) Same day ticket 2,500 yen (excluding tax)
* Guests on day trips will have their bathing fee separate.

[Ticket information]
※ There is no reception at the fan club.
Tochigi Part X NUM X: X NUM X:
Part X NUM X: X NUM X:
Navi dial (paid)
0570-061126 (9: 00-21: 00)
2020/07/25 "Park Jun Young & Hayabusa & Yu Tatsumi Summer Dinner Show"

[Part 1] Reception 11: 30 ~ Meal 12: 00 ~ Show 13: 30 ~
[Part 2] Reception 17: 00 ~ Meal 17: 30 ~ Show 19: 00 ~

[Venue] Osaka / Hotel Hanshin Osaka
(Get off at Hanshin Electric Railway Main Line `` Fukushima Station '' west exit 2 immediately, get off at JR Osaka Loop Line `` Fukushima Station '' immediately, get off at JR Tozai Line `` Shinfukushima Station '' 1 exit 2 minutes walk, Keihan train Nakanoshima Line `` Nakanoshima Station '' 6 exit walk (About 10 minutes)

[Appearance] Park Jun Young, Tatsumi Yuto

【Price】 25,000 yen (All seats specified · tax included)

[Ticket information]
● We will inform you as soon as the details are decided

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