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Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact
※ The following, unless otherwise stated, preschooler Admission is not allowed.
~ 10 / 29
"The entertainment life 55 anniversary Iki Hiroshi special performance" Song, dance, performance special ""

[Meijiza Performance / Performance Canceled with Typhoon 19]
As the Typhoon 19 approached, the following performances of the Meijiza performance “Entertainment Life 55 Anniversary Special Hiroshi Itsuki“ Song / Mai / Kan ”Special” were canceled.

● 10 Mon 12 (Sat) 16: 00 performance → Cancel
* 12 Day 11: 00 performance will be announced as soon as it is decided in consideration of public transportation planned suspension.

Please contact the Meijiza Ticket Center for details.
【contact information】

For other details, please check the Meijiza website.

【Venue】 Meiji-Za

※ Please refrain from admission of children under 6 years old or above / children under 5 years old
※ We sell wheelchair space at Meiji-za ticket center
<Cast> Hiroshi Itsuki
<Special guest>
Yukio Hashi (XNUM day, XNUM day, XNUM day)
Yukino Ichikawa (4-8, 25-28)
Ko Fukui (XNUM X Day, X NUM X Day)
Yuki Saori (12 to 14 days)
Croquette (15 to 17 days)
Fuumi Sakamoto (XNUM day, XNUM day)
<"Singing Mr. Itsuki! SHOW School" students>
Hayabusa (4 days to 29 days)
Kawano Natsumi (4-16)
Park Jun Young (4-14)
Daisuke Kawakami (4-29)
Daisuke Kitagawa (15-17, 22-24)
Sachiko Shiina (17-29)
Kenji Ichijo (18-20, 25, 26)
Tokunaga Yuki (27-29)
Sakamoto winter vacation (4 day-29 day)
<Performance HP>
Tokyo 11: 00 / 16: 00
2019/11/05 Dinner show with Hayabusa & Yu Sakai

Hotel Chinzan-so Tokyo

¥ 15,000 (tax included)
Cooking, drinks, show charges, service charges, consumption tax

18: Start accepting 00
18: 30 meal start
20: 00 show started

[Contact us]
(Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Reservation Center 9: 00 to 20: 00)

Read More
Tokyo 18: 30 03-3943-1140
2019/11/08 "Higashi-Omi Kayo Festival"

[Venue] Yokkaichi City Cultural Arts Center
(From Aomachi, Higashi-Omi-shi, Shiga Prefecture 1-50 / Omi Railway "Yakkaichi Station" for 15 on foot)
[Other cast] Yukino Ichikawa, Park ・ Junon

<Ticket release date>

※ Hachikaichi Bunka Art Center / Akane Bunka Hall Friends' Meeting Pre-order Reservation: 7 Mon 27 Day (Sat) 10: 00 ~

Online ticket reservation http://yokaichi-bungei.com/

Notogawa community center 0748-42-3200
Shiga Prefecture [1 th]
Opening 13: 30 (Opening 13: 00)
[2 th]
Opening 17: 30 (Opening 17: 00)
Yokaichi Cultural Arts Center
2019/11/09 "Fukui Kayo Festival"

[Place] Heart Peer Harue Heart Peer Hall
(Waim from X-ray from "Taromaru Angellland Station" in Nishiomaru, Harue-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture).
[Charge] XNUM X yen (all seats specified / tax included) ※ Not allowed to attend preschool children
[Other cast] Yukino Ichikawa, Park ・ Junon
【Ticket Release】 8 Month 25 Day (Sun)
Heart peer Harue (window) 0776-51-8800
Fukui Prefecture [Noon parts] 13: 30
[Night of parts] 17: 30
Heart Peer Harue
(8: 30 ~ 18: 30)
2019/11/12 NEW"Japan Singer Association Charity Concert" No. 46 Kayo Festival "Daytime"

【Place】 Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
(Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 4-1-1 / 2 walk from each line "Nakano Station")
[Rate] S seat 10,000 yen A seat 6,000 yen B seat 3,000 yen (all seats specified / tax included)
[Tickets sale]
Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 P code: 164-123
Lawson ticket 0570-084-003 L code: 73416
E + http://eplus.jp
Tokyo Doors open at 11: 30
Curtain 12: 00
Japan singer Association secretariat
(10: 00 ~ 18: 00)
2019/11/14 NHK BS Premium “New BS Japan Song”
Public recording will be performed in Hachiman City, Kyoto Prefecture!

[Venue] Kyoto / Yawata City Cultural Center
(Yawata Takahata 5-3 / Keihan Main Line "Yawata-shi Station" for about 10 in Kyoto)
[Other appearances] Yukino Ichikawa, Kim Yong-ja, Reiko Segawa, Hiroshi Miyama, Aiko Moriyama and others (in alphabetical order)
* We will inform you of the broadcast date as soon as it is decided.

★ viewing application method ★
Admission is free, admission ticket (1 people admission Allowed in 2 sheets) is required.
Please send us your postcard postcard (excluding me) by specifying the following necessary matter.
<Outbound Credit Surface> 614-8037 Yahata Takahata 5-3 Yahata City Cultural Center
<Back side for inbound call> Postal code, address, name, telephone number
<Surface for reply> Zip code, address, name
<Back side for reply> Please do not write anything as it prints lottery results.
* Postage will be changed from 10 month 1 day.

[When posting after 10 month 1 day] Round-trip postcard fee: 126 yen

Must arrive 10 month 8 day (Tue)

※ is required admission tickets from 1 years of age or older children.
* If there are a large number of applications, the winners will be sent out after the lottery. (About 10 month 28 days)
※ purchase for the purpose of resale in the Internet auction, etc. strictly prohibited. If the trade was found to be a purchase for the purpose of, I will consider it as outside the lottery object.
※ Applications with postings other than postal postcards and postcards that do not fill in are not eligible for draw. In addition, please refrain from using ballpoint pen which letters disappear by frictional heat etc.
※ There is no application accepted in the fan club.
Kyoto 18: 00 Doors open
18: 40 curtain
20: 40 the show schedule
2019/11/21 Collaboration event with Cultural Broadcasting "Cultural Broadcasting x Nagara Group Joint LIVE!" Is decided!

Venue: Tokyo / Culture Broadcasting Media Plus Hall
(JR "Hamamatsucho Station" Kitaguchi Soon / Toei Oedo Line, Toei Asakusa Line "Damon Station" BXNUM Exit BXNUM Walk on foot 1 minutes / Tokyo Monorail "Monorail Hamamatsucho Station" 1 minutes)

◆ Hayabusa Yamato appearance
"Yamato solo live ~ Uta Uta ~"

※ Preschool children on the knee free viewing ※ Up to 1 people, 4
※ It is possible to purchase additional award tickets (1: ¥ 1,000) at the venue on the day.

◆ Hayabusa Hikaru appearance
"Hikaru Solo Live-Song, Heart, Smile-"

※ Preschool children on the knee free viewing ※ Up to 1 people, 4
※ It is possible to purchase additional award tickets (1: ¥ 1,000) at the venue on the day.

Ticket release:

◆ General release date: 10 month 5 day (Saturday)
· Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 (P code: 158-351)

⇒ Click here for details
Tokyo Culture broadcast shopping
2019/11/30 "Hayabusa Concert in Hotel New Shiobara"

[Place] Oedo Onsen Monogatari Hotel New Shiobara Nishikan "Shiobara Scorpio"
(Free pick-up bus 705 from Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture from Shiobara XNUM / JR "Nasu Shiobara Station")
【Performing time】
Part 1 part 13: 00 ~ Part 2 part 19: 30 ~
※ Information on seats is scheduled for each part 30 minutes ago. Your seat will be in the order of your application.
Advance ticket (1 department · 2 department) 2,000 yen (excluding tax)
Tickets on the day (1 department / 2 department) 2,500 yen (excluding tax)
* Guests on day trips will have their bathing fee separate.
* Guests staying at Hotel Shiobara can see it by plus 1,500 yen (tax not included) in the room charge regardless of the date of application.
[Ticket Release Date] 9 Month 24 (Tuesday) 9: 00 ~
【Reservation ・ Inquiries】 Hotel New Shiobara 0570-021126 (Navi Dial / Pay)
Tochigi Prefecture Part 1 13: 00 ~
Part 2 19: 30 ~
Hotel New Shiobara
(Navi Dial / Pay)
2019/12/24 "Sacred Cristmas for one night only"

[Venue] Osaka New Hankyu Hotel 2 Floor "Purple Room"
(1 No. 1 No. of Shibata 35 chome, Kita-ku, Osaka)

[Access] About 10 walk from Hankyu / Osaka Metro “Umeda Station”, JR “Osaka Station” / Hanshin “Umeda Station”

[Time] Meals 18: 15 Show 19: 30
(Meals will be served up to 19: 00.)

[Fee] 21,000 yen
(Show, meal, free drink, service charge, consumption tax included, all seats reserved)

Takuya Nakazawa, Hayabusa, Yu Yu

[Contact Us]
New Hankyu Hotel Event Section
(Weekdays 10: 00 ~ 18: 00)

CN Play Guide 0570-08-9999

You cannot accept or apply at the hotel.
Please note.
Osaka [Contact Us]
New Hankyu Hotel Event Section
(Weekdays 10: 00 ~ 18: 00)
2020/02/24 NEW"Hayabusa Kayo Show 2020"

【Date and time】 XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Mon, Holiday)

[Venue] Hotel Plaza Katsukawa Large Banquet Hall
(Aichi Prefecture Kasugai City Matsushincho 1-5 / JR Chuo Line "Katsukawa" Station North Exit)
[Price] 13,000 yen per person (tax included) * Ticket mailing fee is extra 300 yen

・ Hotel Plaza Katsukawa (reception hours 10: 00 to 18: 00)
Banquet reservation TEL: 0568-36-2331
Representative TEL: 0568-36-2311
■ Transfer destination ■ * Transfer fee will be paid by the customer.
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Katsukawa Branch (Fu) 1419896

* The price includes show, course meal, free drink, service charge and consumption tax.
* Photo, video shooting and recording during the show and use of mobile phones are not allowed.
* Reservations are required. In the order of reservation, we will prepare at the reserved seat on the day. (Reservations will be made after payment is confirmed)
* A maximum of 10 copies can be booked by one person.
* Please make the payment within 5 days after applying.
* Please note that reservations will be closed as soon as they are full.
* Please note that credit card payments and ticket cancellations after payment are not accepted.
* Meals vary between lunch and dinner.
* If you have any allergies due to ingredients, please contact the staff in advance.
* The venue is non-smoking.
* Children (under 12) are not allowed.
Aichi Prefecture

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