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Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact
2019/05/19 NEW★ "Fighter Final Battle-Seriously Live! Round XNUM supported by Uta Nabi!" Appearance decision!

Venue / Yotani Tokyo, LOTUS
Charge / Advance XNUM X yen · XNUM X YEN (with reference number, extra drink fee)
Artist's sale (released from 3 Mon XNUM X (Friday) Ueno Oton Yokocho)
Each play guide (XNUM X month X NUM X (Saturday) morning X NUM X: released from X NUM X)
· Ticket Pia
Lawson ticket
· E +
· CN Play Guide
[Admission order]
Artist seller → each play guide (parallel entry) → the same day ticket
Tokyo Doors open at 16: 15
Curtain 16: 45
2019/06/02 NEW★ "Shimeji x Hiroki Iwafune presents Yui FES" Billy appearance decision!
Schedule / 2019 year 6 month 2 (day)

Time / opening 11: 30 · opening 12: 00

Venue: Tokyo Ueno Onshi Park Outdoor Stage
Charge / advance ¥ 3,500 · day ¥ XNUM (including tax · Yuyu FES special silicon band with · free seat all seats)
※ Free for elementary school children
※ rain scheduled, stopped stormy weather
※ Re-entry is possible

[1] LivePocket (no ticket, QR code admission)
※ The artist's sale of this performance is not done.

[Admission order]
Live pocket → artist sale → day ticket

Q / Yuing FES Home Page
Tokyo Doors open at 11: 30
Curtain 12: 00

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