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Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact
2019/06/16 NEW<Tatsumi Yu and guidance on the second single "Otoko no Junai" release event! >
Mini Live & Benefits Board

On the day of the event, after the singing, we will perform a reward meeting (photo shoot & sign colored paper delivery) to the purchaser of the single "Otoko Junjo".

3 month 27 day (Wed) release single "Otoko no Junai"
(A type · CD) VICL-37463 \ 1,204 + tax
(A type · cassette) VISL-37463 ¥ 1,204 + tax
(B type · CD) VICL-37464 ¥ 1,204 + tax
(B type · cassette) VISL-37464 ¥ 1,204 + tax

[Place] Ito-Yokado Higashiyamato store XNUM X F event open space
(From Tokyo, Higashiyamato-shi Sakuragaoka XNUM-2-142 / Seibu Haijima Line "Higashiyamato-shi Station" on foot 1)

1, recording / recording (movie) is strictly prohibited.
In addition, please refrain from the photography from the audience at the time of award meeting.
2, Please acknowledge when changing / canceling contents of the event due to various circumstances.
3, participating tickets will not be reissued at the time of losing event participation tickets. (Event participation tickets are valid only on that day.)
Please refrain from seating with 4, sheets and baggage etc.
During the event, be sure to follow the staff's instructions. Those who can not follow the instructions will leave on the way.
6, Rewards participation tickets will be handed over to 1 card purchasers 1 sheets.
Take photos as many as the number of participating tickets. In addition, sign colored paper will be given for the number of participation tickets. In addition, participation ticket is necessary for one more than primary schoolchild.
7, management of valuable items, please on their own. The organizer side is not responsible at all, such as theft.
Please refrain from direct inquiries to the 8 venue.
Tokyo [1 th] 12: 00 ~
[2 th] 16: 00 ~
Victor Entertainment customer service office
[TEL] 0570-010-115
[Reception hours] Monday - Friday (excluding weekends and holidays) / 10: 00 - 13: 00, 14: 00 - 17: 00
2019/06/22 "The story of Oedo Uta"

[Venue] Tokyo Odaiba Oedo Onsen XNUM X F Nakamuraza

[Charge] XNUM X yen (selected seat, tax included) ※ Separately admission fee ¥ XNUM required
[Tickets sale]
* Although standing is free of view, it is possible to distribute numbered tickets due to the crowded conditions of the day.
There is a limit in the space so you may not be able to see the performance. Please understand · Please acknowledge it beforehand.
* For tickets for elementary school students and above, tickets are required. Tickets are required for people who wish to have seats even for those under elementary school age.
* If you lose your ticket, you can not reissue it. Tickets can not be returned or refunded due to customer's convenience.
* Once you are admitted, you can not leave the hall.
Tokyo Part I 13: 00 ~
Part II 17: 00 ~
(Full replacement system)
2019/06/23 "Aoi Yu to Concert" ※ There are other performers

[Location] LIC Hikino
(Osaka Prefecture Habikino-city, Kumari XNUM-XNUM-1 / Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line "Furuichi Station", walk to the west from 1)
[Fee] S seat 4,500 yen A seat 3,000 yen
[Ticket sale] LIC Hive of XNUM-072-950
Osaka [XNUM X section] Opening X NUM X: X NUM X
[XNUM X section] Opening X NUM X: X NUM X
(Opening starts at 30 minutes ago)
Higashidani promotion
2019/06/26 NEW"Yuto-kun and me-singing & photo session Part2" will be held!

This event is mainly singing & talk! Slowly, please enjoy plenty of singing and talk ♪ costumes this time Gachi private clothes! It differs in the XNUM part and the XNUM part! The 1 shot shooting party also has a moment of "bliss" in "private clothes" ...!
There is also a goods sale, so don't miss the items you missed! ※ Number is limited.

★ Date and time: XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Wednesday)
◆ XNUM X section ◆
12: 30 ~ 13: 00 opening
13: 00 ~ 14: 00 event
14: 00 to 15: 30 Photography Association
◆ XNUM X section ◆
17: 00 ~ 17: 30 opening
17: 30 ~ 18: 30 event
18: 30 to 20: 00 Photography Association
※ You can participate in the photo session as many times as you like. In addition, it will be finished as soon as the line is broken.

★ Fee: ¥ XNUM (tax included, all seats specified)
★ Venue: Tokyo / Akihabara Hundred Square Club (Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 5-3-2 Akihabara Square Building, XNUM X floor)

Access to the venueHere

Event application method, other details are here ↓

【Contact Us】
Yu Yu and Fan Club

Tatsumi Yu and event receptionist
Tokyo Yu Yu and Fan Club
2019/07/07 Umemaru 55 Anniversary Dinner Show

[Venue] Uzushio Hot Spring Umemaru Large Banquet Room "Kasuga no Ma"
(Hyogo Prefecture Minamiawaji City Anaga 1137)
[Other performers] Hiroshi Kadokawa, Kimimizu Iwamoto
[Fee] XNUM X yen (meal, free drinks, tax included)
【Reservation start】 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Fri) X NUM X: X NUM X
Hyogo Prefecture [Day part] Meal 12: 30 ~
Show 14: 00 ~
[Night part] Meal 18: 00 ~
Show 19: 30 ~
【Contact】 Uzushio Onsen Umemaru
0799, 39-0206
2019/07/17 NEW"Summer's Kayo Festival Vol.8"

【Venue】 Karmentari Lion Hall
(Kameari, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 3-26-1 / JR Walk from the south exit of Kameari Station)
【Fee】 XNUM X (All seats specified)
【Ticket】 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Tuesday) X NUM X: X NUM X
【Ticket application · Inquiries】
Tokyo [Morning section]
Doors open at 11: 00
Curtain 11: 30
The Japan Society Association
(Weekdays 10: 00 ~ 18: 00)
2019/07/28 NEW"The 31 Yuingu Shimanto Founding Festival" ※ Admission free

[Venue] Tourist Product Center Yuingu Shimanto
(Takaoka-gun, Shimanto-cho, Kochi Prefecture Higashi-Danaji 514-14 / each line "Kubokawa Station" on foot 30 minutes, car 5 minutes)
Kochi Prefecture 13: 00 around ~
15: 00 around ~
17: 00 around ~
Tourist Product Center Yuingu Shimanto
2019/08/03 NEW"XNUM X Summer Party"

Tea: Opening 13: 00 Show launch 14: 00
Dinner: Opening 17: 50 Show Launch 19: 00
Venue: St Bay Hills
(2 minutes walk from Utazu Station, Utatsucho Hama Ichibancho, Kagawa Prefecture)
【Charge】 Tee: per seat reserved seat XNUM X
Dinner: per person reserved seat XNUM X
Kagawa Prefecture Higashidani promotion
2019/08/04 NEW"Kappa MATURI summer in Akihama XNUM X"

Starring time 17: will appear on the night stage from around 50
※ Slight rain will be canceled when stormy weather
※free entrance
[Place] Oyatsu Tsuya parking lot special stage (Akihama seaside sun park, Oyatsu beach)
(A taxi from Nishinomachi Station, Saiyo City, Ehime Prefecture, 461-XNUM / JR Yosuke Line to taxi 1, approximately 30 by car from Matsuyama Expressway "Nishiyo Uwa IC")
Ehime Prefecture 10: 00 ~ Saiyo City Office Akehama Branch Industrial Construction Division
TEL: 0894-64-1287
2019/09/07 "Takuya · Yu to Tokimeki Kayo Stage-in love with the song ~"

[Venue] Kasai Citizen Hall (Hokujo Railway "Hojo-cho" station on foot 10 minutes)
[Fee] All seats specified XNUM X yen (tax included)

☆ 6 Mon XNUM X (Saturday) tickets released!
・ Kasai City Hall 0790-43-0160
・ Online reservation https://www.kasai-shimin.jp
・ Aeon Kasai Hojo branch (service counter) 0790-45-3500
・ Community exchange center (Astia Kasai 3F) 0790-42-0106
Nishimura Shoten 0790-42-5008
· Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999

· E + http://eplus.jp
Hyogo Prefecture [Doors open] 14: 30
[Curtain] 15: 00
Kasai City Hall
(Hours 9: 00 ~ 22: 00)
2019/09/12 "Saitama Kayo Festival in Honjo" ☆ There are other performers

[Venue] Honjo Citizen's Culture Hall
(Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture, Kitabori 1422-3 / JR Takasaki Line "Honjo Station" from the south exit 15 minutes)
【Price】 4,500 yen (All seats specified · tax included)
[General release] XNUM X Month X NUM X (Saturday) X NUM X: X NUM X
Honjo Citizen Cultural Center 0495-24-2841
Yayoi Okyo 0277-53-3133
Saitama Prefecture [Morning section]
Curtain 10: 00
Curtain 15: 00
2019/09/16 NEW "Hayabusa & Yu Yu and Dinner Show"

[Venue] Meitetsu New Grand Hotel XNUM XF Banquet Hall
(1 minutes walk from each JR line "Nagoya Station")

[Fee] 14,000 yen (tax included)
Western food course, free drinks, show, tax and service fee included

Acceptance start 17: 00
Meal start 17: 30
Showtime 18: 45 to 19: 45

Aichi Prefecture
2019/10/02 NEW"XNUM X Songs Companion XNUM X"

[Venue] North Topia azalea Hall
(Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo 1-XNUM-11 / Tokyo Metro Namboku Line "Oji Station" Exit 5 directly connected, Keihin Tohoku Line "Oji Station" North Exit on foot 1 minutes, Toden Arakawa Line "Oji Station" on foot 2 minutes)
[Other cast] Misaki Iwasa, Hayabusa
[Charge] XNUM X yen (tax included)
[General release] 7 month 10 day (Wednesday) scheduled

※ We are planning to receive tickets at the fan club in the future. We will send you information as soon as the details are decided.

・ TV shooting will be on the day. There is a possibility that your face will be reflected.
・ We are not allowed to enter preschool children.
・ There is no refund for tickets other than the performance cancellation.
・ The cast may be changed due to unavoidable circumstances such as illness.
Tokyo Doors open at 14: 00
Curtain 14: 30
Exit 16: 30
2019/10/08 "Shin Kabukiza Opening Hall 60 Anniversary Yutaka Yamakawa, Toshimi Tagawa Concert"
Guest: Yu Yu
Moderator: NishiYadoriki east

<Venue> Osaka / Shin Kabukiza
(Kintetsu Namba Line "Osaka Uehoncho Station" direct connection 14 exit direct connection <Uehoncho YUFURA 6 to 8 floor> subway Sennichimae / Tanimachi Line "Tanimachi 9-chome Station" walk from about 5)

<Charge> XNUM X seat X NUM X yen X NUM X seat X NUM X yen X NUM X seat X NUM X (all seats specified / tax included)
Osaka Day section
Doors open at 11: 45 curtain 12: 30
Night Club
Doors open at 16: 00 curtain 16: 30
2019/10/13 "XNUM X Agakita Studio East Kaido Autumn Kayo Karaoke Presentation" ※ There are other performers

[Place] Seishocho Town Culture Center Large Hall
(A taxi from Suwayama, Hokutobara-gun, Niigata Prefecture 1280 / JR from Shibata Station)
[Fee] Reserved seat 4,500 Yen Free seat 3,500 Yen
Niigata Prefecture Doors open at 9: 00
Curtain 9: 30
Agakita Studio East Highway Karaoke Lovers Association
2019/10/25 "It's an idol hit! All members!"

[Venue] Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
(Nakano Nakano-ku Nakano 4-1-1 / JR each line, Tokyo metro Tozai line "Nakano station" North exit 2 minutes)
[Other performers] Matsubara Kenyuki, Junko, Nishida Ai, Park Jun Young, Mori Komi, Nakazawa Takuya
[Rate] 1 Floor seat 7,000 Yen 2 Floor seat 5,000 Yen (All seats specified · Tax included)
[General release] 5 Month 24 day (Frid) Scheduled
Tokyo Doors open at 15: 00
Curtain 16: 00
18: 20 the show schedule
2019/10/26 "X NUM X Karaoke Cafe Calm Fall Song Festival" * There are many other performers

[Part X NUM X part] Karaoke presentation
[Part X NUM X part] Kayo Festival (I will appear in part X NUM X part)
[Place] Daito City General Cultural Center Thity Hall Great Hall
(From Osaka, Daito, Shinmachi XNUM-XNUM / JR Gakken Urban Line "Shimdo Station" on foot from 13)
[Fee] S seat 7,000 yen A seat 6,000 yen B seat 4,500 yen
Osaka Doors open at 9: 30
Curtain 10: 00
Karaoke Cafe Calm
(Kimano Konno)
2019/11/01 "Japanese Uta Matsuri XNUM X Star Parade"

[Venue] Ashin Archaic Hall Oct
(Showa-dori Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo Prefecture 2 chome 7-16 / Hanshin "Amagasaki Station" about 5 minutes walk)
[Other performers] Ayako Ishihara, Kaori Uesugi, Sachiko Shiina, Miho Asuka, Miyuki Kadomatsu, Junichi Futami (in any order)

◆ About Star Parade admission ticket
Deadline for application: Until the end of 9 (effective postmark on the day)
During the period (from 5 / Mon 1 to the end of 9), there are exclusive application postcards at participating stores.
Please cut off and attach the bar code of the subject song product to the dedicated application postcard, fill in the necessary items, put a stamp, and post it to the post. Invite your pair 250 (500 name) for free!
※ Star parade is admission free. In addition, we do not sell admission tickets at all.

◆ Japan Uta Matsuri XNUM X participating shops
■ Osaka Prefecture ■
<Osaka City>
Kita Ward Akoya musical instrument 06-6351-0110
Taisho Ward Sound Shop Nakaya 06-6553-4697
Chuo-ku Miyako Co., Ltd. 06-6271-3891
<Izumi City> Marzen Musical Instrument Store 0725-41-4808
<Kishiwada City> Young Records Head Office 072-438-6490
Young Records Talk Town Store 072-439-4406
<Saichi City> Marzen Musical Instrument Store Sunpia Store 072-299-8020
Music Shop Abbey Road 072-279-5541
Yamabuki Record Sakai Higashi branch 072-221-2888
<Neyagawa City> Record Shop SHIROTA XNUM X-XNUM X-XNUM X
<Higashi-Osaka City> Miyako Kashiyama branch 072-982-4589
■ Nara Prefecture ■
<Tenri City> Kuramoto Records 0743-62-3363
■ Kyoto Prefecture ■
<Kyoto City>
Chukyo-ku Music Hall Shimizu-ya 075-221-0272
JEUGIA Sanjo Main Store 075-254-3730
Saikyo Ward Disk House OZ (Oz) 075-332-4483
Yamashina Ward Co., Ltd. Kikuya Record Store 075-581-0091
Shimogyo-ku Ichihara glory hall XNUM-075-343
<Uji City> Wada Electric Co., Ltd. 0774-41-6358
<Kameoka City> CD · Not Toto Saito branch 0771-24-2408
■ Shiga Prefecture ■
<Omi-Hachiman City> Nishimura Civilization Record Store 0748-32-2783
<Moriyama City> Kitada Records 077-582-3251
■ Hyogo Prefecture ■
<Kobe City>
Hyogo-ku Sunagawa Record Store 078-575-5587
Nagata Ward Peace Record Store 078-611-2581
Nishi Ward Daisho Nishijin branch 078-992-0120
<Akashi City> Maeda Musical Instruments Store 078-911-2106
<Kushimoto City> Music Center Shinto 0799-22-0024
<Mita City> Record shop Hirase / Hirase musical instrument 079-563-3600
<Himeji City> Himeji Miyako XNUM-079-223
Himeji Record Store 079-282-0568
Every day house phonograph shop 079-223-0715
■ Wakayama Prefecture ■
<Wakayama City> HITS Ishii Main Store 073-422-6796
<Shinnomiya City> Fukuda Clock Shop Co., Ltd. 0735-21-2177
<Hashimoto City> Music Shop Fukui 0736-32-254
Kaneno Records 0737-63-6388

More than 34 stores
[Japanese Uta Matsuri XNUM X]
This is a large-scale singing event held jointly by a record maker and a CD shop in Kansai.
Renewed while following the contents of Kansai Kayo Grand Prize. We will hold the Japan Uta Festival again in 2019.
Specifically, please access the following URL.
Hyogo Prefecture Doors open at 14: 00
2019/11/17 NEWNagara group karaoke tournament 2019 will be held !!

[Venue] Tokyo / Takinogawa Kaikan Hall

[Casting] Mizumori Kaori, Yu Yu
[Moderator] NishiYadoriki east

[Fee] All seats reserved seats XNUM X yen (tax included)

General Release Date: 2019 Year 6 Month 12 Day (Wednesday)

⇒ Click here for details
Tokyo [Doors open] 15: 00
[Curtain] 15: 30
Aye-and-Rays Ticket Center
(Weekdays 12: 00 ~ 17: 00)

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