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2022 / 02 / 14 ~

"Enka Manga Kaori Mizumori Story"

Episode 1 "The beginning is Tojinbo"

Kaori Mizumori is celebrating her 27th year of debut.
Among the many hit songs, the manga work "Kaori Mizumori Story 2002", which depicts the secret story of music production and episodes at that time, based on the song "Toujinbou" (released in 1), which is very popular among fans. Will be released on the 14th with the official app "Manga DX +" that allows you to read the manga of the publisher "Shonen Gahosha"!

Shonen Gahosha official app "Manga DX +"
It is an application that you can read the manga of Shonen Gahosha.

1. Download the app "Manga DX +"
2. Open the app
Touch the advertisement of "Enka Manga Special Feature XNUMXnd Kaori Mizumori" at the top of the home screen of the app, or touch the magnifying glass mark at the top right of the app screen and search for "Kaori Mizumori" from "Search by title".

Shonen Gaho-sha
2022 / 04 / 26 ~ 04 / 28

"Niigata Nippo" morning edition
"The power of the future"
Agaji walking with Kaori Mizumori
26th Agano City
27th Gosen City
28th Aga Town

Niigata Nippo 150 yen (tax included)

Fukui Prefecture Area Information Magazine
"Monthly Urara" June 2022 issue
column collage
Fukui and "The Queen of Local Songs"
A mysterious edge.Enka singer Kaori Mizumori
The details are this

Urara Communications "List price"
640 yen (tax included)
2022 / 05 / 27 ~

"Enka Manga Kaori Mizumori Story"

NEW Episode 2 "Light of Hope"

■ "Manga DX +" from May 5th (Friday)
■ Distribution will start at each electronic bookstore from June 6th (Friday)

[When reading with Shonen Gahosha official app "Manga DX +"]
1. Download the app "Manga DX +"

2. Open the app
Touch the magnifying glass mark on the upper right of the application screen and search for "Enka Manga" or "Kaori Mizumori" from "Search by title".

[When reading at each electronic bookstore]

Search for "Enka Manga" or "Kaori Mizumori" at your favorite e-bookstore and purchase.

Shonen Gaho-sha

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