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Maika Ishikawa

Maika Ishikawa

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Maika Ishikawa

Affiliation Nagara Management
birthday 1995/11/29
Blood Type A type
Birth Place Tokyo
Hobbies Sauna (XNUMX-XNUMX weeks), music (piano, guitar)

[Special skill]
Track and field (sprint)
Dance (XNUMX years) Experienced as a dance instructor
Career XNUMXst Miss Model Press Semi-Grand Prix Influencer Award

2021 CM Monster TV CM Part-time job smartphone shop clerk
2021 Mikucha official live program "Mikucha Public Relations Department" Assistant MC 5/26 delivery ZOOM appearance
2021 NHK Premium "White Muddy Stream" Secretary of Gomi Law Office
2021 NTV "Dancing pacific saury Goten" reproduction VTR
2021 "Yamatoya Honten" model
2021 Starring the stage "Place" as Hanako Ando
2022 TV TOKYO "Youtuber ni Musume Hayaran" Episode 1 Attendees ① Role

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