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Ueda Sakigakesato

Kaito Ueda

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Ueda Sakigakesato

birthday 2010/1/16
Birthplace Saitama Prefecture
Career ◆ TV drama ◆
NTV "Dancing! Sanama Goten !!" Reproduction VTR Appearance (2018 Year 3 Month 6 Day Broadcasting)
CX "Chef ~ three-star of the school lunch -" student officers (2016 year)
◆ Advertising ◆
Steel advertisement weight scale "Nokia" (2017 year)
Theme Parks Posters
"Waseda Academy" (2017 year)
Steel ad "Tokyo Disney Sea" (2016 year)
◆ stage ◆
Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Meeting of Meiji Za "The Mouse Monster" (2017 Year)
Musical "Shabaki" Naie Auditors (2017 years 1 month)
Self-PR Just start your play is still, but a lot of things
Interested, we want to continue to widely active.
The goal is to stage, the dubbing of your work.
I will do my best in the energetic smile!

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