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Kamiya Kanaka

Kanae Yumemiya

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Kamiya Kanaka

birthday 1996/10/21
Blood type A type
Birthplace Kagawa Prefecture
Career ◆ TV drama ◆
TV Saitama "Information Program Machi Commi" Monday Reporter (2017 Years ~)
CX "The Wicked King" (2017 Year)
◆ CM ◆
Wacoal (2017 year)
Kanpo Life "If Hello" Hen (2017 Years ~)
Wallop Broadcasting Station WEB Radio "Yume Branch's Dreams Can Be Dreamed !!" (2017 Year)
◆ stage ◆
"Contest" (2017 year)
Self-PR Because I was aiming for Takarazuka,
I've done lessons firmly, including classical ballet.
Currently going to university, I aim for an actress!
I want to challenge various things.
Thanking you in advance!

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