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Toshie Fujino

Fujino Toshie

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Toshie Fujino

birthday 2/18
Birthplace Nagano Prefecture
  Showa 36 year, not able to attend, "Fujino Tatsubi" sister in a sudden illness in ceremony of Record Award rookie award, Toshie of instead was still a junior high school student sister sings in the award ceremony. So to Showa 39 year debut through lyricist a scout are tough lessons in the "Masato Fujita," he said. It is made of fearless childishness ... and himself recalls.

Real name: Seino Fujieda
Teacher: Masato Fujita
Father: Shigetomo Kimura (Rokyoku nurses)
Sister: Fujino Tatsubi

Showa 36 debut in the year "Sandogasa daughter".
The record grand prix rookie Award winner of the year in the same song

★ Toshie Fujino official site (Teichikuentateinmento)

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