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Kenta Hara

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Kenta Hara

birthday 1997/3/11
Blood type A type
Birthplace Shizuoka Prefecture
Career ◆ movie ◆
"Aozora Yale" HakuSho high school baseball team regular (2016 year)

◆ CM ◆
Kirin Lemon 90 anniversary "Do not leave it transparent" Hen (2018 year)

◆ TV ◆
NTV "I just born ahead" Student Yosuke Sawada (2017 year)
TBS "Reverse" (2017 year)
"The 66 times NHK Red and White Singing Contest" chorus performers (2015 year)
"Not Nante compliant of Kurosaki-kun" (2015 year)

◆ stage ◆
"Contest" (2017 year)
Self-PR I was doing the baseball from the first grade elementary school until the third grade junior high school.
Over the objection of his father is a doctor, I chose the road to become an actor.
Please look at me serious.
Please give me a chance if.
Thanking you in advance.

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