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Kiyoshi Hikawa

Kiyoshi Hikawa

Kiyoshi Hikawa

"Hikawa Kiyoshi Fan Club"

New Members Wanted!

Message from the person

Hikawa fan club "KiyoShin". I, Hikawa a fan of everyone and the life, move forward together! He was named to put the thought that. We look forward to joining.

Kiyoshi Hikawa

★ Hikawa fan club limited time planning! You hit the autograph card in the lottery ★
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Join how

Membership fee
Half a year: 6,000 yen (admission fee: 1,000 yen, annual fee: 5,000 circle)
Founded 1 years: 11,000 yen (admission fee: 1,000 yen, annual fee: 10,000 circle)
How to send for the ① Membership
click hereCustomer's address in the inquiry form, enter your name, please send.
I will send you a membership assistance.

▶ inquiry form
② to procedure directly at the post office
Account Number: Account Number: 00120-7-187922
Subscriber name: Hikawa Kiyoshi fan club
050-3786-8800 (weekdays 13: 30~17: 30)

Tips and notes

  • 1. Window of the post office, or please remittance in the "postal transfer" from the ATM.
  • 2. Remittance .. please "normal payment" of the post office. Please take care that it can not accept the remittance by bank transfer, wire-registered mail.
  • 3. Receive at the time of remittance at the post office until the "receipt" is schedule to arrive, carefully please keep (up to membership registration, there is a case to take about one month at the longest).
  • 4. Does not include paid fees to be paid to the post office in the membership fee.
  • 5. You can not name change after admission.
  • 6. Once membership fee had you paid, the refund even within the expiration date I can not do so, please understand.

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