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Toshimi Tagawa

Toshimi Tagawa

"Toshimi Tagawa Fan Club" will restart!

Sorry to keep you waiting!
Toshimi Tagawa fan club will be renewed and restarted!

Fan club name : "Toshimi Tagawa fan club'

<Membership benefits>
・ Creation of membership card
・ Sending membership privilege photos
・ Sending DM postcards, sending color DMs (irregular)
・ Sending newsletter (twice a year)
・ Sending seasonal greeting cards
・ Sending a birthday card
・ Priority reception of concert tickets
・ Holding a fan club event
・ Information mail delivery

<Membership fee>
Admission fee 1,000 yen
Annual membership fee 5,000 yen
* Payment method Postal transfer only

* Please note that the membership numbers will be randomly assigned, not on a first-come, first-served basis, as many new members are expected to join for a while after the start of accepting new members.

<How to join>
Please use the payment handling slip (blue) provided at the post office to send money.
[Account number] 00150-0-636029            
[Subscriber name] Toshimi Tagawa fan club
[Amount] 6,000 yen

☆ Please do not forget to fill in the following items in the communication column.
・ New enrollment
・ Postal code / address / name (please write the reading)
・ Phone number, gender, date of birth (Birthday card will be sent, so please be sure to enter it)

・ Please remit by "normal payment" from the post office window or ATM.
・ We cannot accept remittances by wire or registered mail.In addition, please bear the payment fee of the post office.
・ Please keep the "receipt" you receive at the post office when you send money until you receive the first letter.
(It may take up to 1 month to register as a member.)
・ Please write in polite characters to prevent erroneous registration.
・ You cannot change your name after joining.
・ Please note that the membership fee once paid cannot be refunded even if it is within the expiration date.
・ Membership is valid from the date of payment
・ We will strictly manage the information you have entered and will use it to inform you of future artist information.

"Toshimi Tagawa Fan Club"
6-10-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Harajuku Sophia Building 2F
TEL 03-5772-3434 (Weekdays 14: 00-17: 00)

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