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Toshimi Tagawa

Toshimi Tagawa

Toshimi Tagawa

"Toshimi no kai"

Message from the person

Toshimi no kai, fun events such as gatherings and day trips with you miss the petting on the theme!
You can also new friends!
Let's make a lot of fun memories together!
By all means, please do join us!

Toshimi Tagawa

Benefits 1
Issuance of membership card at the time of admission and photo gift!

Raw photo gift at the time of issuance and admission of the member's card!

Benefits 2
Deliver seasonal greeting cards

Deliver seasonal greeting cards

Benefits 3
Schedule (monthly) and mailing of the newsletter (year 4 times)

Schedule (monthly) and mailing of the newsletter (year 4 times)

The sample can be viewed by clicking.

Benefits 4
Guidance of concert priority reservation

You can priority reservation of early concert tickets than anywhere else!
※ In the case of application a lot there are times when it becomes lottery.

Benefits 5
You can join the fan club event of the member like limited.

You can join the fan club event of the member like limited.

Join how

Membership fee
Half a year: 6,000 yen (admission fee: 1,000 yen, annual fee: 5,000 circle)
Founded 1 years: 11,000 yen (admission fee: 1,000 yen, annual fee: 10,000 circle)
How to send for the ① Membership
click hereCustomer's address in the inquiry form, enter your name, please send.
I will send you a membership assistance.

▶ inquiry form
② to procedure directly at the post office
Account number: 00120-3-486500
Subscriber Name: Toshimi Tagawa sponsorship Secretariat
03-3746-1043 (weekdays 13: 30~17: 30)

Tips and notes

  • 1. Window of the post office, or please remittance in the "postal transfer" from the ATM.
  • 2. Remittance .. please "normal payment" of the post office. Please take care that it can not accept the remittance by bank transfer, wire-registered mail.
  • 3. Receive at the time of remittance at the post office until the "receipt" is schedule to arrive, carefully please keep (up to membership registration, there is a case to take about one month at the longest).
  • 4. Does not include paid fees to be paid to the post office in the membership fee.
  • 5. You can not name change after admission.
  • 6. Once membership fee had you paid, the refund even within the expiration date I can not do so, please understand.

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