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Jun Sawa

Jun Sera

Jun Sawa


birthday 1996/6/7
Blood type A type
Birthplace Aichi Prefecture
Career 2018 year 8 monthly release schedule Moon River group work High school student role appearance appeared! !

◆ Theater ◆
"Hai Qw !!" Summer of Evolution "" Takeshi Washio (2017 Year 10 Month)
◆ Stage ◆
"Tokyo One Piece Tower ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION" Rolonoa Zoro role (2016 year)
◆ Advertising ◆
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Pocari Sweat 2015 Koshien Advertisement Planning High school baseball role role (2016 year)
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Search information

Kind An actor
Birthplace Chubu Aichi
birthday 6 month 7 day
Blood type Type A
Height / size 185 cm
[Motorcycle license] It has been acquired
Favorite things
[fashion] Old clothes
[musics] YUI, Japanese music
[program] Foreign drama
[movies] Claimers · High etc etc with appraiser and client without face
[Manga, animation, game] Soccer game
[place] A coffee shop
[Food and drink] チ ョ コ レ ー ト
[color] Navy, black
[Others] dog
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] Baseball (12 year), swimming, karate
[Entertainment] Bowling
[Outdoor] Domestic travel
[life] Touring
[Education] Reading
[Others] Suicide, action

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