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Yoshikawa 颯人

Hayato Yoshikawa

Yoshikawa 颯人


birthday 2000/6/19
Birth Place Chiba
Hobbies Rigid baseball (Shirai Little senior)
Kendo (In order to learn the sword fighting, belong to Numanan Ken Kaikai, the first stage)
Career ◆ TV drama ◆
NTV "The! World Astonishment News" High School Captain
NHK Saturday Drama 'Ashigaru' Athletic Club Ara (2017 Years)
The movie "Mukeoku" (2017 year)
NTV drama "Become mother" high school student role 1 story · 2 talk (2017 year)
TBS Special Drama "Leaders 2" Baseball club Hirata role (2017 year)
TBS Monday Classic Theater "Ekiben Criminal · Jimbo Tokunosuke 11" (2017 Year)
NHK Saturday drama "Natsume Soseki's Wife" (2016 Year) and many others

◆ CM ◆
★ Official site
★ YouTube
WOWOW TVCM "Nishikori Kei players & Naomi Osaka players ~ My hero" (2017 year)
YAMAHA Movers companies CM "vehicle will give me the possibility" (2017 year)
mixi · monster Strike "I do not want to return," Hen (2016 year)
Supurikkusu-Gorusuta "after school diary" Hen (2016 year)
Meiji Milk Protein Project Steel advertisement (2016 year)
JPI "It's life, my life," Hen (2016 year)
COLOPL-white cat project "fellow has increased" Hen (2016 year)
Shinkenzemi - Junior High School Course "Kimi, more extending in the winter" hen (2015 year)

◆ stage ◆
"She will surely use magic 2021" as Takuya Mimura (2021)

◆ Other ◆
Otsuka Pharmaceutical's Calorie Mate graphic advertisement (2019)

Search information

Type An actor
Birth Place Kanto Chiba
birthday 6 month 19 day
Height / size 175cm
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] Rigid baseball, Kendo

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