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Reiko Oshida

Reiko Oshida

Reiko Oshida


Affiliation Nagara Management
birthday May 9
Birth Place Kyoto
Career 10 Debut on the NHK show Taro after winning the 1966 International Teen Princess pageant

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Type actress
Birth Place Kinki Kyoto Prefecture
birthday 9 month 15 day
Height / size 164cm


Release date title
1973/07 Life of love - cohabitation era / summer day
1973/02 Cohabitation era / Kyoko and Jiro
1972/10 Storm is called a woman / that love again
1972/05 What why this happens / you to Leave
1971/11 Knock useless / Sekine lock
1971/05 The girl can not help it / What about it
1970/08 Woman of school / your woman
Release date title
2007/12/19 Essential Best Reiko Oshida [Limited Edition]
2002/10/09 DREAM PRICE 1000 Reiko Oshida / cohabitation era
1994/05/21 The girl can not help it / knock is useless
1973/09 Love's life - cohabitation era - Yokozumi and Jirou's future -
1973/04 Cohabitation era - LOVES SWEET ERRORS -
Release date title
2008/08/08 Opening Zube public Bancho dream night
2008/08/08 Zube public Bancho Tokyo Drifter
2008/08/08 Zube public school gang leader is a fluke counted Uta
2008/08/08 Not even worth of Zube public Bancho confession

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