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Minori (WAWAWA)


Minori (WAWAWA)


Affiliation Nagara Management
Affiliation group name WAWAWA
birthday 6/4
Blood Type AB type
Birth Place Tokyo
Career ◆ TV ◆
TX "Idol x Warrior Miracle Cum!" (2017 Year)
CX "problematic restaurant" Ameki Chika role of the 3 story 10 age (2015 year)
NHK asadora "sun" Masako Maruyama Auditors (2012 year)
NHK "home of the terrestrial digital broadcasting struggle Symbol" Hasegawa Anna Officer (2011 year)
CX "theorem of Pical" (2011 year)
NTV "when Witches of 22" (2010 year)
TBS "Masahiro Nakai Friday to the Suma our" Maki Goto's niece role of (2010 year)
TX "super-historical romance Sengoku and Edo period mystery completely settled SP" Tamahime Auditors (2010 year)

◆ movie ◆
Nihon University College of Art "kind Hatago" you Shizu Auditors (2010 year)

◆ CM ◆
Meiko Keio WEB site model (2016 year ~)
Shogakukan "Genki of the picture book" (2012 year)

◆ Other ◆
Ken PV Matsudaira "Matsuken curry" Ken Matsudaira's daughter Auditors (2011 year)
Social Media ☆ Twitter personal account

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Search information

Birth Place Kanto Tokyo
birthday 6 month 4 day
Blood Type AB type
Favorite things
[fashion] Shoes, denim
[musics] J-POP
[program] variety
[movies] Japanese movies
[Manga, animation, game] duel Masters! etc
[place] amusement park
[Food and drink] Strawberry
[color] purple
[Others] Cat
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] drum
[Sports] Basketball, short range, hula hoop
[Entertainment] Karaoke, listening to music
[life] Play with pets
[Education] Reading, cooking

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