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Clear (folk songs girls)


Affiliation Nagara Management
Affiliation group name MINYOGIRLS
birthday 11/21
Blood type O
Birthplace Kanagawa Prefecture
Career ★ as Kokekko set of a member of the Hikawa with Kokekko group sings "Oha Suta" new OP theme "Chitty Chitty OHA song of Kiyoshi", I was allowed to cast.

◆ stage ◆
Theater folk art "sea fog" (2014 year)
Large kabuki "Three Kichizo" Shinshu Matsumoto (2014 year)
Theatre Cocoon Kabuki "Three Kichizo" (2014 year)
Kabuki-za "Tenmangu rapeseed Goku" (2014 year)

◆ musical ◆
"LADYBIRD, LADYBIRD" (2015 year)
Shiki Theatre Company, "The Sound of Music" (2013 year)
SNS ☆ Twitter personal account
☆ Clear YutoTube !!
Folk songs girls official channel playlist

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Search information

Birthplace Kanto Kanagawa ken
birthday 11 month 21 day
Blood type O type
Favorite things
[fashion] Pannier, heel shoes, fun socks, wrestling T-shirt
[musics] Yuukawa Yutaka senpai, Western music, Hard rock, Heavy metal etc.
[program] News, professional wrestling, criminal drama etc.
[movies] Horror, suspense, etc.
[Manga, animation, game] Kazuo Kozo work etc.
[Food and drink] Avocado, Lassie, Potato, Chewing, vegetables, lactic acid bacteria, beans etc.
[color] Rainbow color, gold, silver, metallic, blue series, purple
[Others] Cat
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] guitar
[Sports] Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, bedtime, muscle training
[Outdoor] Harvest of home garden (Yuzuyu and farm)
[life] Meditation, two cats, plant cultivation
[Education] Hard writing
[Others] Produced by the universe, the alien, the original character "Crazy Butter Getz"

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