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Rio (folk songs girls)


Rio (folk songs girls)


Affiliation Nagara Management
Affiliation group name MINYOGIRLS
birthday 6/9
Blood type A type
Birthplace Osaka
SNS ☆ Twitter personal account
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Search information

Birthplace Kinki Osaka prefecture
birthday 6 month 9 day
Blood type Type A
[Language examination, other examinations] Calligraphy 3 stage
Favorite things
[fashion] A hat and a bag
[musics] J-POP
[program] Variety, overseas drama
[movies] Crayon Shin-chan, Detective Conan etc
[Manga, animation, game] Manga "How to keep a mummy", Detective Conan, Crayon Shinchan etc
[place] Namba Gundoh Summer, Universal Studios Japan, Sanrio Shop, etc.
[Food and drink] Chocolate, iced, swine
[color] purple
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] Folk songs, shamisen, drum
[Entertainment] Watching baseball (Hanshin Tigers), listening to music
[life] Repipial mario, WEGO, PUNYUS (Punyu)
[Education] Calligraphy, folk songs, shamisen, drum, art
[Others] YouTube viewing

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