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Rina Suzuki

Rina Suzuki

Rina Suzuki


birthday 2005/4/15
Blood Type A type
Birth Place Tokyo
Career Also active as "Rina" of WAWAWA!!

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◆ movie ◆
"When they get serious about knitting" (directed by Naoko Tategami) (2017)
"For example, Lemon" (directed by Kazuki Katagiri) (2012 years)
"I'm sorry I saw the sky" (Tanadayuki) (XNUM X)

◆ TV ◆
Role of NHK Taiga "Mejo lord Naotora" village girl (2017 year)

◆ Radio ◆
NHK FM Theater "Quiet Ground" Ruri Role (2011)
Calpis Radio CM (XNUM X)
NHK FM Theater "Juki no Aso" Children Role (2010)

◆ stage ◆
Yuya Chairperson performance "Drunk Isabelle Kanta" Otoyoshi role (2015 year)
Meijiza "Mother of the Rose" Village girl Role (2013 years)
Kabukiza "Shin Thin Snow Story" Female Little Sister Role (2013)
Stage "Ooku" Senhime (with Yuuki Matsushita) (2013)
Kabuki "Stairs of the Breast"-Child boy (XNUM X)
Kabuki "Tsubaki fishing bottle flower street drunkenness" Tsubaki ・ Shigiri role (2012 year)
Kabuki "The Date's Ten" Role (XNUM X)
Kabuki "Yamato Takeru" girl Ohime role (2012 years)
Kanpira Kabuki "One-Strong Swordsman" Introductory Role (XNUM X)

◆ Steel ◆
Asahi Shimbun "now solving class" XNUM X year character (XNUM X year)

Search information

Type actress
Birth Place Kanto Tokyo
birthday 4 month 15 day
Blood Type Type A
[Language examination, other examinations] Japanese Kanji ability test 5 class
Favorite things
[fashion] Ear Cuaf
[musics] J-POP, Japanese musical instrument band, MISIA etc.
[program] Drama
[movies] Japanese movies
[Manga, animation, game] ONEPIECE, Magical girls site etc.
[place] Straw Hat Store
[Food and drink] Omelette rice
[color] Black, blue
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] drum
[Sports] Basketball, dancing
[Entertainment] Watching movies, karaoke
[Outdoor] Spa
[life] Play with pets
[Education] Japanese dance, reading

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