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Ryo Sugawa

Ryo Sugawa

Ryo Sugawa


birthday 2006/9/29
Blood Type AB type
Birth Place Chiba
Career Also active as "Ryo" of WAWAWA!!

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◆ TV ◆
Child role of CX “War of Lie” nursing home (2017)
EX “Buddy season14 New Year's Day Special” Rina Takeda's childhood (2016)
EX “Know me! Tears of Life Song Show” Chiyo Nagayo's childhood (2015)
CX “She” Nakajo Ayami's childhood (2015)

◆ movie ◆
“Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter” Reina Yamazaki's childhood (2017)
"Mochitsuki Rhapsody" Mari Hoshino's childhood (2015)

◆ MV ◆
Mrs. GREEN APPLE “Samama Festival!” (2016)

Search information

Type actress
Birth Place Kanto Chiba
birthday 9 month 29 day
Blood Type AB type

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