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Yuma Tsuru

Yuma Tsuru

Yuma Tsuru


birthday 1999/7/29
Birth Place Osaka
Hobbies ◆ Special skill
Swimming (9 years), dancing, singing, sword fighting (1 year)
Career Iori Kanzaki "Bomb" MV appearance

Stage "Lullaby to Dad"

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■ Tsuru Yuma Voice Sample

Self-PR The small appearance of 161cm in height is a weapon!
In a small body, we have a passion for expression and a commitment to beauty.
I have a strong feeling of producing myself!
Thank you! !

Search information

Type An actor
Birth Place Kinki Osaka prefecture
birthday 7 month 29 day
Height / size 161cm
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] 水 泳

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