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birthday 1998/09/09
Blood Type A type
Birth Place Kumamoto
Hobbies Seeing the night view, eating spicy food
Career 2019
Started activities at a live house in Tokyo at the same time as moving to Tokyo
Nihon University College of Art, Department of Music, Information Music Course Transfer

March Held his first live concert
April-December MC at Kawasaki FM

May The video I gave to TikTok somehow plays 5 times

Currently enrolled in the Department of Music and Arts, Graduate School of Arts, Nihon University

Search information

Type Female singer
Birth Place Kyushu / Okinawa Kumamoto Prefecture
birthday 9 month 9 day
Blood Type A type 
Height / size 160cm
Favorite things
[Food and drink] Eating spicy food
[Others] Seeing the night view

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