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Mizuki Nakamura

Mizuki Nakamura

Mizuki Nakamura


birthday 2001/04/13
Blood Type O
Birth Place Toyama
Hobbies Taking pictures, moving your body

Special skill: Artistic swimming (participation in Junior Olympics), swimming
Career Miss Earth 2020 Toyama Representative

CM "Hokuriku University" (2020)
Appeared in the Nippon Foundation change for the Blue collection (2020)
WEB catalog "Yagi Corporation"
unilady2020-21 Spring Autumn
unilady2021 spring / summer
unilady2021-2022 Fall Spring
22nd Millennium Award (2021)
Universal Kimono Award (2021)
Event "Improvisation Tale Stage"

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Search information

Type モデル
Birth Place Chubu Toyama Prefecture
Blood Type O 
Height / size 171 cm
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] Artistic swimming (participating in the Junior Olympics), swimming

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