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Ellie Misumi

Misumi Collar


birthday 1997/12/07
Birth Place Fukuoka
Hobbies Watching anime, searching for cute girls, puzzle game Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles

Favorite things: avocado, pretty girl, photo
Career ■Career
Galcon 2021 Semi-Grand Prix sponsored by Shueisha Young Jump

TBS Channel XNUMX “Kakarin’s top eye-catching kana!” ? ”
U-NEXT “Good-bye love that begins with a bet”
CX "Utatane"
Paravi ``Last Vacation of Love'' I fall in love with you who works in the southern paradise of Phuket. ”

TNC “Shaa SHE♀ Kanojo”

Stage “Shopping District Grand Lion”
Stage ``motel''
Reading drama ``Dream that you can't wake up from.''
Stage “50minutes 2024”

Stage play “November Nativity”
Stage play “October Collective Memory”
Stage play “Rainy Season Murasaki”
Stage play "I'll bark far away and give off fireworks"

Stage play “Tenderness to the point of breaking” as Rika
Stage play “Graduation” as Ayame Mochizuki
Stage play “Dotamba no Keikoba” Elly
Stage play “White House and Black Friend” as Mizuki Kurosawa
Stage play ``Everything was supposed to be a line''

Stage play “Stardust on a Rainy Night”
Stage "Sha SHE♀She"
Tokiwo Kill Mayu Kishida ∞ fully produced performance XNUMXst part ``Almost, Child'' as Shiori Minami

Condors x Hakataza “we are the champion” as Eri Tanabe
Drama meal “Who ate the pizza?” ” as Erica
tp Fukuoka Theater Company launch performance, 2nd performance

2023 Young Skinny “Trash Human, Me”
2021 Kurumi "Tame"
2020 Siip "Cuz I"
2020 mei, I'm, Asahi "Sunday trip"

"Weekly ASCII" No.1467/No.1468 cover
"Light blue emotion vol.2"
"Platinum FLASH" Digital photo book "Misumi Kei Do You Miss Me?"
"FLASH Special" Gravure BEST 2023 Early Autumn Issue
"ar" September issue
"Weekly Playboy" No.30 Digital photo book "Mona Lisa"
"FRYDAY" digital photo book "Soft cleavage"
"Weekly Young Jump" No.28 Center Gravure
"FRYDAY" super large faces

"Weekly Young Jump" No.33 End of issue gravure
"Weekly Young Jump" No.25 YJ Girls Project
"Weekly Playboy" No.20,21 combined issue opening gravure
"Weekly Playboy" No.5

“FLASH” 2022 New Year Issue
"BOMB" January 22 issue
“Weekly Young Jump” No.44 “Galcon XNUMX” Second Grand Prix
``Happy result!! ” Center & end gravure   
Also featured in “BLT”, “BRODY”, etc.

WEB Potato Pictures “Dating isn’t necessarily the best”
WEB Potato Pictures “Pimp Boyfriend and the Bitter Night of White Day”
WEB Potato Pictures “Sweet Valentine’s Night with My Younger Boyfriend”
"Tokyo Calendar" Friday Beauty Theater 

2023 DVD “Sumiwataru” (Takeshobo) 
2022 DVD “Summer magic” (S-Digital)
2022 DVD “Ellie” (Liverpool)
2022 “Impromptu Conte Stage”

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Eri Misumi making video

Search information

Type モデル
Birth Place Kyushu · Okinawa Fukuoka prefecture
birthday 12 month 7 day
Height / size 164 cm
Favorite things
[Food and drink] Avocado
[Others] Beautiful girl, photo
Hobbies & Skills
[Education] English
[Others] Ramune early drink


Release date title
2023/11/29 "Light blue emotion vol.2"
There is no registration.

Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact

Kei Misumi & Nozoi Hirota “Light Blue Emotion vol.2” Online Autograph Session

Date and time: 12/14 (Thu) 20:XNUMX~

"Light blue emotion vol.2"

Misumi Kei Benefit Plan

Nozoi Hirota bonus plan

Kei Misumi & Nozoi Hirota pair benefit plan


~ 09 / 16

Works participating in the 36th Ikebukuro Theater Festival
The 36th performance of the theater company Bals Kitchen
"Grandlion Shopping District"

■Official X (old Twitter)

■ Introduction
Japan was once on the verge of destruction at the hands of the Demon King.
Then one brave warrior appeared.
The hero discovered a way to travel through time by chance,
As we travel back and forth across time and through various eras,
We solve the problems that come our way.
If you have the legendary sword "Grand Lion" in your hands, you can conquer the Demon King.
He learns that he can defeat it and decides to obtain it, but it disappears just before the battle.
The journey to find the lost legendary sword begins now...
This is a comedy set in a shopping district...

■ Date and time
September 2024th (Wed) - September 9th (Mon, National Holiday), 11
11th (Wednesday) 19:00
12th (Thursday) 14: 00/19: 00
13th (Friday) 14:00/19:00
14th (Sat) 13: 00/18: 00
15th (Sun) 13: 00/18: 00
16th (Mon., Holiday) 12:00/16:00

*The performance is scheduled to last approximately 100 minutes.
*There will be a checkout party after the show (except for the 16:16 p.m. show on the XNUMXth).
*Reception and seating will begin 45 minutes before the start of the show.
*Preschool children are not allowed to enter. Please note.
*Due to production reasons, we may not be able to guide you to your assigned seat if you arrive after the start time of the performance. Please arrive with plenty of time.

■ Theater
Ikebukuro Theater Green
(2-20-4 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo)

■ Ticket fee
・S seats: 10,000 yen (front row, limited to 14 seats per show)
・A seats: 8,500 yen (2.3nd and XNUMXrd row)

{S and A seats come with one bonus bromide photo (1 types in total)}
*Benefits will be handed out to supporting cast members at the reception.
*Please note that you will receive the same item after the 5th item.

・General seats (4th row onwards)
Weekdays: 6000 yen
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 7000 yen
*Same-day tickets are 500 yen more each time.

・Supporting ticket with not-for-sale bromide
3,000 yen (all 5 types of each cast)
*Limited number of tickets each time (50 tickets on weekdays, 20 tickets on holidays)

[What is a support ticket?]
These are issued separately from theater tickets and are aimed at customers who cannot go to the theater but would like to support the cast.

*Customers who plan to attend can also purchase tickets.
*As a bonus for purchasers, we will write the name of the person who purchased the support ticket (nickname is acceptable), support cast name, and support comment in the empty seat and place it in the space.
*When reserving your support tickets, please enter the name of the supporting cast member, the name or nickname of the customer who you would like to be included, and a support comment (100 characters or less) in the notes/memo section.
*Please note that tickets for customers whose payment cannot be confirmed by the actual performance period will not be listed on the seats.
*Please be careful of typos and omissions.
*After the performance, we will send you a special not-for-sale bromide.
(We leave messages and signatures on support tickets to the cast members.) If the support cast members are not filled in, we will not be able to send the bromide, so please be sure to fill them in.

■ Tickets
Scheduled to be released around the end of July

■ Support ticket
To be lifted at a later date

■ Screenplay and direction
Shoki Maeno (Bars Kitchen)

Kentaro Kawai
Abe Shun
Ayaka Nishiwaki
Sakata Taimu
Midorikawa Seishin
Hitomi Isaka (Kamen Rider Girls)
Yosuke Yamada (D≠LIGHT)
Kaito Igarashi
Mayuka Ouchi (Bals Kitchen)
Shinsuke Sato
Suzuki Koi
Misumi Shiochi
Orino Miyoshi (Queen Clown)
Haruna Wakamatsu (Shitachino)
Nishimura Chiya (Drinking like a pirate)
Hideki Fukuhara

Zudon (Bals Kitchen)
Kyohei Onoue (Bars Kitchen)
Aie (Bars Kitchen)
Yuto Tsuyuguchi
Wataru Eguchi (Bal's Kitchen)

Koichi Nakamura
Seiichi Sato
Ryuzaki Shindai
Masato Yoshida
Yumiko Nagahara
Chizuru Kamino

Hikaru Watanabe
Misa Kurihara

Shinji Kasahara

■About waiting to enter/wait to leave
Waiting to enter or exit the theater is prohibited according to theater regulations.
Please be aware that if there are complaints from nearby residents, the performance itself will be canceled.
■About celebratory flowers
Due to space constraints, we are unable to accept celebratory flowers from the general public at this performance, including stand flowers and arrangements (including flowers in the dressing room).

■About gifts for cast members
A gift box will be set up at the reception.
*Items whose recipient address cannot be identified from the outside may not be delivered to the recipient.
*We do not accept gifts such as raw food, drinks, etc.
*Please note that our staff will check the contents in advance.
*We do not accept transfers directly to cast members at checkout parties, etc.

■Inquiries regarding tickets and support tickets
Ticket: Saori Wakabayashi
MAIL: sk23marine@gmail.com

■Other inquiries
MAIL: baluskitchenonoe@gmail.com

*Please write "Shopping District Grand Lion" in the title when contacting us.
*We may not be able to respond depending on the content of your inquiry.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

■ Staff
Producer: Shinichi Shinichi (MIRAI)
Associate Producer: Naoki Aso
Screenplay/Direction: Shoki Maeno
Stage director/art: Takeshi Tsushima (LDA)
Sound: Ari Usui
Lighting plan: Fumi Takahashi
Lighting operator: Yuya Wada
Photo by Daisuke Yamazaki
Production director: Katsuya Nishimura (MIRAI)
Produced by: Saori Wakabayashi (MNOP/Balse Kitchen)/Kyohei Onoue (Balse Kitchen)
Production cooperation: MIRAI PICTURES JAPAN
Costume: Aie
Goods design: Ari Usui
Still photography: Akira Hashimoto (gekichap) / Arisa Nagahashi (gekichap)
Steel retouch: Usui Kuri

■ Cooperation (in no particular order)
Animo produce
avila stage
Ikushima Planning Office
Eri Office
office 24
Cast Power Next
Justice Japan Entertainment
spacenoid company.
Zeroichi Familia
tap second
Production Pierrot
Nagara Management

Gekidan Barsu Kitchen


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