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Misumi Collar

Ellie Misumi

Misumi Collar


birthday 1997/12/07
Birth Place Fukuoka
Hobbies Watching anime, searching for cute girls, puzzle game Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles

Special skill: Ramune early drink, English

Favorite things: avocado, pretty girl, photo
Career Galcon 2021 Semi-Grand Prix

2019 tp Fukuoka Theater Company launching performance, 2nd performance
2019 drama Meshi "Who ate pizza? 』\ Erica role
2019 Condors x Hakataza "we are the champion" as Eri Tanabe
2021 Tokiwoikiru Mayu Kishida ∞ Completely produced performance XNUMXst "Almost, Kodomo" as Minami Shiori
2021 Stage Shah SHE♀She
2021 Rainy night stardust
2022 "Everything was supposed to be a line"

2020 mei, I'm, Asahi "Sunday trip"
2020 Siip "Cuz I"
2021 Kurumi "Tame"

"Improvisation Tale Stage"
DVD "Ellie" (Liverpool)

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Search information

Type モデル
Birth Place Kyushu · Okinawa Fukuoka prefecture
birthday 12 month 7 day
Height / size 164 cm
Favorite things
[Food and drink] Avocado
[Others] Beautiful girl, photo
Hobbies & Skills
[Education] English
[Others] Ramune early drink

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