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With Kiyomiya

Aruto Seimiya

With Kiyomiya


birthday 2006/11/13
Blood Type A type
Birth Place Chiba
Hobbies Music, watching movies, basketball, golf, YouTube creation
Career [Lesson history] Two and a half years model, vocalization, etc. at Best Kids
  Currently lessons such as vocal pedagogy and dialogue

33rd Junon Boy Best 1000

2018 Fan Fan Splash Appearance 
    TCKF appearance

2019 Fan Fan Splash Appearance 
    TCKF appearance
School Meals Time TV Movie EX
First Mr. Skin Care 3rd place (Grand Prix)

2020 Life Insurance CM

2021 Sadako's counterattack
Children's Future Party PR, etc.
Ghost Festival 16

[SNS] Kiyomiya is on Twitter

Kiyomiya is Instagram

Search information

Type An actor
Birth Place Kanto Chiba
birthday 11 month 13 day
Blood Type A type 
Height / size 180 cm
Favorite things
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] Basketball, golf
[Others] YouTube creation

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