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Watanabe Kagehi

Keihi Watanabe

Watanabe Kagehi


birthday May 6
Blood Type O
Birth Place Chiba
Hobbies Watching movies, visiting retro coffee shops, solving mysteries, gourmet food

[Special skill]
Cooking (French Italian), long-distance running (1500m prefecture 6th)

Regular car license, cook license, second-class small boat operator license
Career 【stage】
<Theatrical company Bobjack theater>
2010 "Tengoku Rain"
2011 "To the End of the World"
2012 "It's East or West of Eden"
2013 "Despair and Handshake"
2014 "Happiness Record" starring
2014 "Hyaku"
2015 "Hebereke" starring
2016 "on / off"
2016 "Knockin on Heaven's Door"
2019 `` Knockin on Heaven's Door (Revival)''
2020 "Come close your eyes" / "Bob omnibus"

<Theatrical company Doga Doga Plus>
2014 "Red and Black"
2015 "Art forgery / physical body"
2015 "Asakusa Benikan Kai"
2016 "Kageki Asakusa Carmen"
2016 "Recollection Taxi Dancer"
2017 "Golden Yasha Golden Devil VS Frankenstein"
2018 "Doll House ~ neo TOKIO DOLLS ~"
Theatrical company Kara seminar ︎ ☆
2015 "Kimi no Trap"
2021 "Kaze no Matasaburo"

[Reading drama]
2020 Voice Heart "A little good story" starring
【Radio Drama】
2021 "Toward the light"
2017 Consumer Affairs Agency

Kagehi Watanabe Twitter

Watanabe Keihi Ameba Blog

■ Watanabe Keihi Voice Sample

Search information

Type Actor, voice actor / narrator
Birth Place Kanto Chiba
birthday 6 month 22 day
Blood Type O 
[drivers license] It has been acquired
[Others] Cook license, second-class small boat operator license
Favorite things
[place] Retro coffee shop tour
[Food and drink] food
[Others] To solve a mystery
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] Long-distance running (1500th in 6m prefecture)
[Others] Cooking (French Italian)

Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact

 29nd napXNUMX reading delivery event

"Do you know John Lennon's Imagine ?! ~ Kogashi Strawberry Butter Jam Song ~" will be held!
nap (nagara artist project) is developing a project called "nap29" that will deliver a recitation drama for a fee on the 29th of every month!
The second performance will be on May 5th (Sun), and the performers will be Shiori Ichihara, Hanane Kosasa, Kaoko Chonan, Yuka Kai, Lisa Yamada, and Kagehi Watanabe (in alphabetical order).
The title is "Do you know John Lennon's Imagine ?! ~ Kogashi Strawberry Butter Jam Song ~"
A human story about how the main character, who quit his job in three months and returned to his hometown, started a strawberry farm with a friend of a former musician and made the popular strawberry jam!
Screenplay: Suzuki Masaaki
The fee is 1 yen for "reading drama" + "after talk" + "one solo check of your favorite performer (mailed at a later date)".
* Additional one solo check of the desired performer will be sold for 1 yen.

【Holding date】
May 2022, 5 (Sun) 29st copy 1: 14 ~ / 00nd copy 2: 17 ~
* Archive viewing period: Until 6:5 on June 23 (Sun)
* The contents of Part 1 and Part 2 are the same.
[Application acceptance period]
May 5th (Tuesday) -May 10th (Friday) 5:27
[Application procedure]
(1) Please apply from the following site.
*First-time users of "Live Pocket-Ticket-" will need to register as a new member (free of charge).
* You do not need to show the QR code after purchase, so please look forward to the day.
(2) After selecting the payment method, fill out the questionnaire (application form) and purchase

[How to watch]
We will send you the viewing URL by email during May 5th.
Transferring to a third party is prohibited.

[About chat]
・ Chat is not available in the main story of the recitation drama.
・ Chat is available in After Talk.
* Chat can only be enjoyed in real time.We apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that there will be no chat left in the archive.
For smartphones (both iPhone and Android devices), you need to download and log in to the "Vimeo" app (free).
★ For iPhone / iPad
★ For Android devices

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