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Isao Sasaki

Isao Sasaki

Isao Sasaki


Affiliation Nagara Management
birthday 1942/5/16
Blood Type A type
Birth Place Tokyo
Career 1960 Debuted with the catch line Japanese Elvis Presley Made a hit with the theme song for Uchu Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato).

[Hit songs]
◆ Pop & Rock
"GI Blues," "Diana," "My Way", and others
◆ Standard Japanese pop
Tadashi Yoshida's works such as "Yuki no Bojo", "Farewell Lover", and "You"                 
◆ Theme songs for Anime
Uchu Senkan Yamato(Space Battleship Yamato), Yuke Yuke Hyuma, Ginga Tetsudo 999(Galaxy Express 999), and others

"♪Music Ringtones♪"
Distributed at Columbia and Recochoku websites
☆ 50 songs for music ringtones, full-length ringtones, and music ring-back tones!

DVD Sasaki Isao TV Theme Songs Collection currently on sale!!!
Manufactured by: Toei/Toei Video Distributed by: Nippon Columbia

『Uchu Senkan Yamato(Space Battleship Yamato)』
CD containing Animation Uchu Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato) 2199 theme song currently on sale!
Manufactured by: Lantis
Distributed by: BANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD.

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Type Male singer, actor, voice actor / narrator
Birth Place Kanto Tokyo
birthday 5 month 16 day
Blood Type A type 
Height / size 175cm
[drivers license] It has been acquired
[Others] Small boat second grade special
Hobbies & Skills
[Outdoor] fishing
[life] Audio visual


Release date title
2021/04/07 Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Theme Song CD
<Insert song> All over the world united!Juragaon
2017/10/18 Anison academy school song
2016/05/25 Now the other side of the now
2015/10/07 Midnight Dekaranger 10 YEARS AFTER / eternal romance
2012/04/25 Space Battleship Yamato / bright red scarf
2010/07/07 Conversation of wind (debut 50 Anniversary Single)
2010/05/26 Yearning heart of snow
2004/03/08 Elephant's elephant
2004/03/03 Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger / Midnight Dekaranger
1997/10/15 Snow Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing / ex-lover
- Chante [20 songs of love and life of poetry ~ 20 century]
Release date title
2016/09/28 MOMENT ~ now of the now beyond
2008/10/01 Jewelry Tadashi Yoshida tribute album ~ 15
2005/09/28 Isao Sasaki best galaxy voyage magazine
2000/11/22 Isao Sasaki songbook trial Best
2000/11/18 Isao Sasaki songbook Greatest Best
1999/03/20 Deluxe collection - a man of poetry Special -
1998/06/20 Isao Sasaki Singles Collection 1973 ~ 1987
Release date title
2018/10/31 Sasaki Issu debut 55 anniversary special live
2010/12/22 Debut 50 Anniversary
Isao Sasaki TV theme song Daizenshu
Release date title
1986/5 One-way ticket of Lone remarriage

Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact

NEW"Super Squadron" Soul "2021"

Outline of "Super Squadron" Soul "2021"

[Date] 2021 years 11 month 7 (day)
Doors open 16:00 Starts 17:00

[Venue] Tokyo / Zepp Tokyo
(Approximately 3 minutes on foot from Yurikamome "Aomi Station", approximately 5 minutes on foot from "Tokyo Teleport Station" on the Rinkai Line)

[Cast]Isao Sasaki/ Mitsuko Horie / Daisuke Shima / Kenta Sato / Kenji Suzuki / Kentaro Hayami / Hideaki Takatori / YOFFY (Psychic Lover) / NoB / Takayoshi Tanimoto / Daiki Ise / Tsuru no Tsuyoshi

[Moderator] Shocker Ono (honorific title omitted)

■ Visit ticket
All seats reserved ¥ 9,000 (tax included, drinks not included)

* Drink fee 600 is required separately at the day of admission.
※ We have refused to enter preschool children.
* Tickets cannot be refunded due to changes or cancellations of performers.
* Please cooperate with infectious disease control on the day of the performance.
Details will be announced on the Birthday Song website.

■ Delivery viewing ticket
,4,000 XNUMX (込 込)

* Tickets cannot be refunded due to changes or cancellations of performers.

[Advance ticket lottery sale]
Application acceptance period: September 2021nd (Thursday) -September 9th (Sunday), 2

[Visit ticket / delivery viewing ticket general sale]
Scheduled to be sold from Saturday, October 2021, 10

* Please check the Birthday Song website for details on each ticket.

Birthday Song Co., Ltd.
TEL.03-3496-6998 (Weekdays 12: 00-18: 00)

Tokyo Doors open at 16: 00
Curtain 17: 00

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