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Arai Yurika

Yurika Arai

Arai Yurika


Affiliation Nagara Management
birthday 2000/03/14
Birth Place Saitama
Hobbies Singing oldies (at work singing at a restaurant)
Career ■ Lesson history
Classical Ballet 2008-XNUMX
XNUMX Ballet Competition in Yokohama Selected
Japanese dance (Nanaogi style) XNUMX years in high school club activities
Jazz dance for XNUMX years-still ongoing

■ Appearance history

2015 musical "Captain Trousers" Tokyo performance 
Child actor ensemble (New National Theatre, Middle Theater)
2015 Musical Square "Alice in Saori no Kuni" 
The role of mirror (Musashino Performing Arts Theater)
2017 Musical Uncle Asinaga Kawagoe Performance Ensemble (Westa Kawagoe Large Hall)
2019 Student Musical Gachi Battle Live vol.8 (Harajuku Strobe Cafe)
2020 Musical Theater "AWARD" Canceled as Vera
2020 ~ Oldies Live House Step Heaven Vocal 
2021 Suntory Dream Match Cheer Girl (Tokyo Dome)

[Rikkyo University Theater Company Shiki (Musical Circle)]
2018 `` Wicked'' `` Hairspray''
2019 `` The last lady of habsburg''
2020 "The Little Mermaid"
2021 "Romeo & Juliet" Lady Capulet

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Search information

Type actress
Birth Place Kanto Saitama Prefecture
birthday 3 month 14 day
Height / size 155 cm
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] Singing oldies (at work singing at a restaurant)

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