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Affiliation Nagara Management
birthday 2007/04/24
Birth Place Ehime
Hobbies [Special skill]
Kendo (XNUMX years), Koto
Career ■ Lesson history
XNUMX years walking
Speech (when participating in Junior Earth Japan Ehime)

■ Appearance history
2018/19 Chugoku Region Kids Collection vol.5, vol.6 Image Model
2019 ~ ZIDDY Catalog model
2020/21 Ehime Bishoujo Encyclopedia Model
2021.10 ~ PEANUTS CANDY Matsuyama Mitsukoshi store

[Stage (Nihon-buyo)]
Japanese Dance Fujima Ryu Fujiyukikai (September 2017-Rehearsal started)
2018.11 Children's Traditional Culture Festa Program "Kikuzukushi"
2019.8 West Japan Heavy Rain Reconstruction Support Charity Dance Performance "Training Child"

2018/19 Nico ☆ Puchi Coordinate Championship posted
2021.2 Ehime Bishoujo Encyclopedia
2021.4 Bishoujo Zukan STREET posted

From 2016, he has participated in all XNUMX fashion shows including the Emifull Collection.

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Search information

Type モデル
Birth Place Shikoku Ehime Prefecture
birthday 4 month 24 day
Height / size 166 cm
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] Qin
[Sports] Kendo (4 years)

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