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Kawana Mimuo

Miyuu Kawana

Kawana Mimuo


Affiliation Nagara Management
birthday 2000/10/20
Blood Type Type B
Birth Place Nara
Hobbies Complete copy dance of kpop, Ogiri app, darts

[Special skill]
Dance, table tennis, darts, bowling
Career NTV "Happy! Bomby Girl" Tokyo Girl
Movie "A Balance of Yuko"
WOWOW "The Hesitating Blade"
Tama Home TV commercial
Xperia "In the eyes, Zubapita." WebCM
Stage "Wonderful Family"
Stage "In Lisa's Eyes"
Stage "Pampis Forest"
Stage "Third Wednesday Improvisation Stage"
Stage "Bran of the Sato family" 

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Search information

Type Actress, model
Birth Place Kinki Nara Prefecture
birthday 10 month 20 day
Blood Type Type B 
Height / size 167 cm
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] Table tennis, darts, bowling
[Others] Complete copy dance of kpop, Ogiri app, darts

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