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Misaki Iwasa

Misaki Iwasa

Misaki Iwasa


Affiliation Nagara Production
birthday 1/30
Blood Type O
Birth Place Chiba
Career 2010 Member of Watari rouka Hashiri Tai 7
2010 Member of AKBA48 Team A
2012 Solo debut as the first AKB 48 enka singer with Mujin Eki from Tokuma Japan Communications
2012 years AKB48 team B belongs
2014 Member of AKB48 Team K
2015 years AKB48 team B belongs
2016 year AKB 48 graduation

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Search information

Type Female singer
Birth Place Kanto Chiba
birthday 1 month 30 day
Blood Type O type
Height / size 157 cm
Favorite things
[musics] Enka, J-POP
[movies] Detective Conan etc
[Manga, animation, game] General animation, love simulation game etc.
[place] Tokyo Disney Resort
[Food and drink] Shrimp, meat, caffe latte
[color] Yellow, light blue, black, pink
[Others] Dog, cat, rabbit, hedgehog, panda, hamster
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] guitar
[Sports] Table Tennis, Dance (Jazz / Hip Hop)
[Education] Reading (Mystery)
[Others] Looking at the layout of the rental property on the net, YouTube viewing


Release date title
2020/04/22 Right- and left-handed blues
2019/08/06 The End of Love Sangenjaya (Special Edition)
2019/02/13 The end of love Sangenjaya
2018/08/08 Sado no Oni Taiko (Special Edition)
2018/02/27 Sado no Oni Daiko
2017/08/23 Saba Highway (Special Memorial Edition)
2017/01/10 Mackerel Road
2016/01/06 Gomenne Tokyo
2015/04/29 Hatsuzake
2014/01/08 Tomonoura Bojō
2013/01/09 Moshimo watashi ga sora ni sunndeitara
2012/05/30 Watarirouka Hashiritai 7, "Shounen yo Uso wo tsuke!"
2012/02/01 Mujin-eki
2011/11 Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 "Kibou-sanmyaku"
2011/08 Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 "Hetappi Wink"
2011/02 watarirouka Hashiritai 7, "Valentine Kiss"
Release date title
2019/11/06 "Misaki Tour to third 2 chapter ~"
2016/11/30 "Misaki Tour to third 1 chapter ~"
2013/11/06 "Request COVERS"
Release date title
2019/05/29 Misaki Iwasa Concert 2019
2018/05/23 Misaki Iwasa Concert 2018
2017/10/25 3rd concert - Connect with smile, heart, gratitude ... 2 days of bliss -
2017/05/17 Iwasa Misaki Concert ~ Singing songs! The way to enka ties with the times ~
2016/06/29 Misaki Iwasa time of A New starting from the first concert - unmanned station (when) -
Release date title
2011/11/15 Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 "THE SPEC KIT corridor sell Corps"

Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact
※ The following, unless otherwise stated, preschooler Admission is not allowed.

NEW ☆★ Misaki Iwasa "Net check signing session vol.4" will be held ★☆

Very popular event! The third of Wasamin's "net check signing session" will be held!

Currently, due to the corona vortex, the campaign cannot be carried out, and it is not possible to take two-shot photos with customers in kimono.Meanwhile, I want a picture of a kimono!In response to everyone's request, this special check will be a kimono check for the jacket picture of "Blues on the right and left hands" for every 5 applications!

Of course, in addition to the "date of the event", "nickname" and "signature", we will also add a scribble of wasamin♪

It is a signing session that can be attended by those who can not usually come to the event!
We look forward to your application!

◆NAGARA TV Misaki Iwasa "Net check autograph session vol.4"

【Holding date】
2020 years 10 month 29 day (Thursday)
1st copy 15:00~ / 2nd copy 18:00~ All 2 parts
* You can only participate in one copy.

Live stream on YouTube "NAGARA TV" (archive remains)

【Entry fee】
One check 1 yen *Up to 1,000 tickets can be applied per person
+ Postage and administrative fee (per person) 500 yen

★ Supplement to Kimono Cheki ★
If you purchase 5 to 9 pieces ... One of the purchased pieces is a kimono check
If you purchase 10 to 14 pieces ... One of the purchased pieces is a kimono check
If you purchase 15 pieces ... 3 of the purchased pieces are kimono checkers

[Ticket sales period]
Friday, August 2020, 10 16:18 to Wednesday, August 00 10:21

【way to participate】
Apply from the ticket site "Live Pocket-Ticket-" (PC/smartphone only)
(Credit card payment, convenience store payment, carrier payment)
*First-time users of "Live Pocket-Ticket-" will need to register as a new member (free of charge).

[Application procedure]
(1) Specify the desired number of checks and proceed to the ticket purchase procedure
(2) After selecting the payment method, fill out the questionnaire (application form) and purchase
*Please enter the name, address, etc. of the participating department here.
You do not need to show the QR code after purchase, so please look forward to the date.

・ The order of signing customers is random. We cannot answer questions about time.
・ Checks will be sent out in order within one week after delivery by "Yu-Packet".
・Cheki's pose will only be "Omakase" by Misaki Iwasa.
・Please note that you cannot specify the doodle.
・You can specify up to 8 nicknames and 1 nickname. Full name and full name will not be accepted.
・5% system usage fee will be added from Live Pocket-Ticket-at the time of purchase.
・For convenience store payments and carrier payments, usage fees will be charged separately in addition to the system fees.
・Cannot be canceled or changed after application and payment. Please note that you cannot apply after the sale period.
・Inquiries can only be made via the email below. Please note that we cannot answer even if you call Nagara Productions or Misaki Iwasa Fan Club.
・ Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays do not support email. Please note that we will reply to you on weekdays.

[Contact Us]

"Net check autograph session" staff
*Please make sure that you can receive emails from the above email address.

1 part 15: 00 ~
2 part 18: 00 ~
"Net check autograph session" staff

NEW"Young Stars ☆ Gathering Big Hit! Playback Kayo Festival"

[Video distribution concert]

[Date and time] November 11th (Sun) 15: 16-00: 18 (00:15 delivery start)
[Cast] Junretsu, Takeshi Matsubara, Misaki Iwasa, Ai Nishida, Hayabusa, Park Joon-yong, Takuya Nakazawa, Yuto Tatsumi

[Ticket purchase method] Sold at Ticket Pia Live Stream

[Start of sale] October 10th (Sat) 10: 10 ~

[Archive period] November 2020, 11 (Sun) 15: 18-November 00 (Mon) 11:23
* Video distribution tickets can be purchased during the archive period even after the performance is over.

■ All-Member Assembly Live Official HP
■ All-Member Assembly Live Official Twitter

* All members will be announced on the official website and official Twitter, so please check back from time to time.

16: 00 ~ FAV Co., Ltd.
03-3263-6612 (weekdays 11: 00 ~ 18: 00)

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