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Matsuri Shirataki

Matsuri Shirataki

Matsuri Shirataki


Affiliation Aye-and-Rays
birthday 10/29
Blood type A type
Birthplace Hawaii (Nationality: United States of America)
Career 2013 year Tokai TV "heaven of love" 27 story
Saturday Wide Theater "Jamme inspection of the woman 4"

☆ Shirataki Festival Twitter ⇒ @shirataki_m

Search information

Kind Actress, reporter
Birthplace Other Hawaii
birthday 10 month 29 day
Blood type Type A
Height / size 157 cm
[Sports test related] Kendo 2 steps, foundation ski test 3 class, swimming ability test 3 class
Favorite things
[fashion] Retro, girly
[musics] Ethnic, British Rock, Death Metal
[program] Political program in general
[movies] Horror, anime
[place] Mountains and rivers
[Food and drink] Drool, shrimp, sake
[color] 绿
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] Western music
[Sports] Kendo (2 stage), rhythmic gymnastics, Japanese dance
[Entertainment] Spa
[Outdoor] Fishing, hot springs
[life] sake
[Education] Politics, history, Japanese dance
[Others] Movie editing

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