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Kaori Mizumori

Kaori Mizumori

Kaori Mizumori


Affiliation Nagara Production
birthday May 8
Blood Type Type B
Birth Place Tokyo
Career 1995 years 9 month 25 date in the "four-o'clock"
from Tokuma Japan Communications

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Search information

Type Female singer
Birth Place Kanto Tokyo
birthday 8 month 31 day
Blood Type Type B 
Height / size 153cm
[drivers license] It has been acquired
Favorite things
[fashion] Shoes, Border
[musics] Popular song
[program] Suspense drama (2 time stuff)
[movies] Beauty and the Beast etc
[place] My room
[Food and drink] Sweet sandy egg
[color] Pink, gray, white
[Others] Illustration logic
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] trumpet
[Entertainment] ダーツ
[Education] Japanese history (Kamakura period · Yoritomo Morning)
[Others] YouTube viewing


Release date title
2021/09/08 Let's smile [Type A] [Type B]
2021/06/09 Naruko Gorge [Type C] [Type D]
2021/01/19 Narukokyo [Type A] [Type B]
2020/06/17 Setouchi Shodoshima [Type C] [Type D]
2020/02/18 Setouchi Shodoshima [Type A] [Type B]
2019/10/16 Takato Sakura Road-Winter Special Edition-
2019/07/17 Takato Sakuraji [Type C] [Type D]
2019/01/22 Takato Sakuraji [Type A] [Type B]
2018/10/17 Flowers blooming in water · Lake Shikotsuka 【Winter special disc】
2018/07/25 "Flowers blooming in water - Lake Shikotsu" Type C, D, E
2018/04/14 "Our World (TV Edit)"
TV Tokyo series "Hebel Haus Theater Furusato Japanese Old Fashioned Selection" Opening Theme
2018/03/20 Flowers blooming in water · Lake Shikotsu
2017/08/02 Shimonoseshi Kaikyo Ambassador Inauguration Commemoration Board Hayami Noosode
2017/05/02 Hayami Nozo
2016/07/06 Echigo Suwon ~ Special Edition ~
2016/03/29 Echigo Suwon 【A type】 【B type】
2015/07/01 Debut 20 anniversary special single "Yamatoji no koi"
2015/04/01 Yamatoji no koi
2014/08/06 Shimane Koitabi
~ Shimane furusato ambassador "Kentoushi" inauguration Anniversary Edition ~
2014/04/09 Shimane Koitabi
2013/04/03 Ise meguri
2012/08/08 Hitori Nagaragawa
(2012 Gifu Seiryu Kokutai, Gifu Seiryu taikai Anniversary Edition)
2012/04/04 Hitori Nagaragawa
2011/06/01 Shonai heiya kaze no naka
2010/04/07 Matsushima kikou / Nijinomatsubara (Red Edition)
2010/04/07 Matsushima kikou/ Tasogare no Tantalus (White Edition)
2009/04/01 Aki no Miyajima
2008/04/02 Wajima asaichi
2007/04/04 One Satsuma Road
2006/04/05 Kumano Kodo
2005/04/06 Gonō sen
2004/04/14 Kushiro shitsugen
2003/04/02 Tottori sakyu
2002/04/24 Tojinbo
2001/08/22 kokoro u-ra-ha-ra
2000/09/27 Onomichi suidou
1999/10/21 Tappimisaki
1999/01/21 Hitori naki
1998/03/04 Karisome no hana
1997/08/21 Inotibana
1997/01/20 Kitayako
1996/05/22 Yorisoibana
1995/09/25 Oshiroibana
Release date title
2021/10/20 Kayo Journey 20 ~ Naruko Gorge ~
2020/09/16 Kayo Journey 19-Setouchi Kozushima-
2019/09/18 Kayo Noriyuki 18-Takato Sakuraji-
2018/09/19 Kayo Nogi 17 ~ Flowers blooming in water · Lake Shikotsu ~
[First Press Limited Edition], [Normal Edition]
2017/09/20 Kayo journey 16 ~ Hayami Nozode ~
2016/09/21 Kayo Journey 15 ~ Echigo Suwon ~
2016/02/24 Kaori Mizumori 20 Anniversary ~ Original Best Selection ~
2015/09/16 Love of the song Journey 14 ~ Yamatoji ~
2015/02/04 Utainaoshi
2014/09/24 kayoukikou 13 ~ Shimane Koitabi ~
2013/09/25 Kayoukikou 12 ~ Ise meguri ~
2012/09/26 Kayou kikou 11 ~ alone Hitori Nagaragawa ~
2011/10/26 kayoukikou Ⅹ ~ Shonaiheiya kaze no naka
2010/09/22 Kayoukikou Ⅸ ~ Matsushima kikou ~
2009/09/16 Kayoukikou Ⅷ ~Aki no Miyajima~
2008/09/24 Kayoukikou Ⅶ ~ Wajima asaichi ~
2007/09/26 Kayo Journey Ⅵ ~ alone Satsuma Road ~
2006/09/27 Kayokikou Ⅴ ~ Kumano Kodo -
2005/11/30 10th Anniversary ~ Original Best Selection -
2005/06/22 Kayo Journey Ⅳ ~ Gonō Line ~
2004/10/27 Kaori Mizumori songs Collection ~ Kushiro ~
2004/06/23 Kayo Journey III ~ Kushiro ~
2003/10/22 Kaori Mizumori songs Collection ~ Tottori ~
2003/06/25 Kayokikou II ~ Tottorisakyu
2002/10/23 Zenkyokushu 2002 ~ 2003
2002/07/24 Kayokikou Journey ~ Tojinbo ~
2001/10/24 2001 all songs Collection ~ Kokoro u-ra-ha-ra ~
2000/11/22 Kaori Mizumori all songs Collection ~ Onomichisuidou ~
2000/04/05 Kaori Mizumori Best 16 ~ Kimikagesou ・ Tappimisaki ~
1999/11/25 Kaori Mizumori all songs Collection ~ Tappimisaki ~
1998/09/02 Best hit kayou - Karisomenohana -
1997/09/24 Best hit album-Inochibana ・ Youshuheiya~
1996/07/22 First album ~ Yorisoibana ・ Oshiroibana ~
Release date title
2020/01/01 Naomori Kaori Memorial Concert ~ Kayo Nogiso ~ 2019.9.25
2019/01/01 Naomori Kaori Memorial Concert ~ Kayo Nogiso ~ 2018.9.25
2015/01/01 Memorial Concert ~ Kayoukikou ~ 2014.9.25.
2013/11/27 Kaori Mizumori Single Collection 2
2013/01/09 Memorial Concert ~ Kayoukikou ~ 2012.9.25
2011/01/12 Debut 15th anniversary memorial concert
~ Kayoukikou ~
2009/01/14 Memorial Concert ~ Kayoukikou ~ 2008.9.25
2004/09/29 Debut -10th anniversary memorial
~ Kaori Mizumori Single Collection ~

Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact
※ The following, unless otherwise stated, preschooler Admission is not allowed.

[Information on postponement of performance, transfer performance, and cancellation]

Thank you for your continued support of Kaori Mizumori.
For a list of performances that have already been announced, it has been decided to postpone, repostpone or cancel,
You can check it from "Details here" below.
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(Updated 2021:4 on August 11, 12)


NEW"Kayo Journey 20 ~ Narukokyo ~" Release Commemorative Limita Internet Autograph Session

For customers who purchased the limited edition and regular edition of "Kayo Journey 20 ~ Narukokyo ~" at Limista, we will deliver it live together with the product with the signature, date and your nickname written for you. To do!It's a release event that you can participate in on the go, from home, or anywhere in Japan! !!Please do not miss this opportunity to join us!

【Holding date】 
September 2021, 10 (Sun) 24: 12-

Kaori Mizumori

[Purchaser benefits]
For those who purchase the target product, we will write a signature and nickname on each jacket purchased and deliver it together with the target product.
On the day of the event, the autograph will be delivered live!We will call the purchaser's nickname during the live stream!
There is also an archive, so even those who can not see it in real time can participate!
If you have a YouTube account, you can join the chat!

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2021 years 10 month 20 Date (water) Release
Kaori Mizumori "Song Travel 20-Narukokyo-"
Limited Edition (CD + DVD) TKCA-75000 Price: ¥ 3,600 (tax included)
Regular Edition (CD Only) TKCA-75001 Price: ¥ 3,200 (tax included)

★ Kaori Mizumori "Kayo Journey 20 ~ Narukokyo ~" Limited Edition Set ¥ 3,600 + Packing and Shipping Cost
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★ Kaori Mizumori "Kayo Journey 20 ~ Narukokyo ~" Regular Edition Set ¥ 3,200 + Packing and Shipping Cost
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[Purchaser benefits]
・Bonus will be "Sign, Date, Nickname (up to 10 characters)".
・ The above benefits will be written in each set benefit.
・For each purchase of XNUMX set of eligible products, one special benefit will be included.
・The benefits will be confirmed for each order.
[Notes on setting nickname]
*Prohibition of use of artist name (eg Kaori Mizumori's 〇○)
*Those judged to be inappropriate, such as against public order and morals
*A nickname that could be mistaken for a message by a third party
If you enter the above information, it will be invalid and the registered name (katakana) will be added to the delivery address.
* The "nickname (up to 10 characters)" that you register at the time of purchase will be entered when you sign.
* If you purchase multiple items for one transaction, you can enter multiple "nicknames (up to 1 characters, pictograms / special symbols not allowed)". "Message (up to 1 characters, pictograms / special symbols not allowed)" can be entered for each item.
*Registration of nicknames is prohibited because pictograms, emoticons, special characters and symbols (? &) will be garbled.
* There is a 10-character limit for nicknames and a 120-character limit for message fields.
*The message you receive may be read aloud at the time of delivery, but it is not guaranteed to read it.
*If the nickname or message you applied for is judged to be inappropriate, it may be changed without notice. In that case, we may use your registered real name. Please note.
*Please write your name or nickname in the message field in the cart after adding the product.
* The deadline for changing and modifying the registered "name" and "message" is two days before each date.You can change it from the Limita member My Page.In addition, we cannot accept corrections or changes from inquiries, so please forgive us.

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From August 10 (Monday) to September 11 (Sunday) during delivery (about 10 hour later)
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* The virtual bank payment deadline is until 15:00 the day after the application date.
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*We do not notify you of the shipment of products (Note 2).
(Note 1) In the following cases, it will take additional time to arrange product shipment.
□ When the product is sold by reservation → Shipping will be after the product release date.
□ If you order a pre-release product together with an existing product, the benefits will be shipped after the new release date.
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* Please refer to here for how to purchase (https://limista.jp/faq)

■ About new coronavirus infection prevention measures ■
Notice from the operation (https://limista.jp/news)Please confirm.
*The event itself may be canceled or postponed if a new government policy for the new coronavirus infection is announced. Please note.

Online 12: 00 ~

NEW Hikone City Cultural Plaza 25th Anniversary Project
"Kaori Mizumori 25th Anniversary Concert-Song Travelogue-"

【Date and time】 2021 year 11 month 12 day (Friday)
Doors open 14:30 Starts 15:30

[Venue] Shiga Prefecture / Hikone City Cultural Plaza Grand Hall

(A temporary bus will operate from JR "Minami-Hikone Station")
* For details, please contact Kokoku Bus (0749-22-1210).

【Price】 6,500 yen (All seats specified · tax included)
* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.
General release date:Saturday, August 2021, 10 2:9-
■ Counter purchase / telephone reservation
Hikone City Cultural Plaza Ticket Center
TEL: 0749-27-5200
(Business hours 9: 00-19: 00 Closed on Mondays ・ If Monday is a national holiday, closed the next day)

■ Internet reservation
Hikone City Cultural Plaza Online Ticket Service
(24-hour reception, only on the first day of sale from 9:00)
Ticket Pia (P code: 202-465)https://t.pia.jp

Shiga Doors open at 14: 30
Curtain 15: 30

NEW"Kaori Mizumori Christmas Dinner Show"

[Performance Date] December 2021, 12 (Sat)

■ 1 copy
Reception 14: 30 ~
Dinner 15: 00 ~ 16: 30
Show 16: 30-17: 30

■ 2 copy
Reception 17: 30 ~
Dinner 18: 00 ~ 19: 30
Show 19: 30-20: 30

[Venue] Osaka / Hotel Plaza Osaka 1F "Masa no Ma"
(1-9-15 Shinkitano, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka / 5 minutes walk from the west exit of "Hankyu Jusan Station")

S seat 34,000 yen
A seat 32,000 yen
(Meals, drinks (free drinks), service charge, consumption tax included)

[Ticket general release date]
2021 year 9 month 11 day (Sat) 10: 00 ~

【Reservation · Inquiries】
Hotel Plaza Osaka
TEL: 06-6303-1038 (Banquet reservation direct)

Osaka ■ 1 copy
Reception 14: 30 ~
Dinner 15: 00 ~ 16: 30
Show 16: 30-17: 30
■ 2 copy
Reception 17: 30 ~
Dinner 18: 00 ~ 19: 30
Show 19: 30-20: 30
Hotel Plaza Osaka
TEL: 06-6303-1038 (Banquet reservation direct)

NEW"Kaori Mizumori Concert-Song Travelogue-"

[Date and time] February 2022, 2 (Sat)
Doors open at 14: 15 curtain 15: 00

[Venue] Saitama Prefecture / Tokorozawa Civic Cultural Center Muse Ark Hall
(1-9-1 Namiki, Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture / 10 minutes walk from "Aviation Park Station" on the Seibu Shinjuku Line)

All seats reserved 6,000 yen
* Please refrain from entering preschool children.

General release date:From Sunday, November 2021, 11
・ Iruma City Civic Hall Management Office
Counter sales / telephone reservation 04-2964-2411
・ Muse ticket counter
Counter sales / telephone reservation 04-2998-7777
・ Muse Internet Ticket Service

Saitama Doors open at 14: 15
Curtain 15: 00
Iruma City Civic Hall Management Office

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