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Non Yamaguchi

Non Yamaguchi

Non Yamaguchi


Affiliation Nagara Management
birthday 2002/8/24
Blood type A type
Birthplace Saitama Prefecture
Career ◆ TV drama ◆
CX "HERO2" first 5 story (2014 year)
Animax "Christmas party" (2013 year)
TX "Pokemon XY" (2013 year)
TX "Piramekino" (2012 year)

◆ CM ◆
McDonald's "Happy Meal" (2013 year)

◆ stage ◆
"Foot length uncle ~ Judy Story" roller Auditors (2012 year)

◆ musical ◆
Musical Theater "Junior" (2018 Year)
Musical "Anne of Green Gables" Green · Gables TOKYO (2017 Year)
"Annie" Christmas concert (2016 year)
Musical "Annie" Jurai Auditors (2016 year)
Musical seat "song - of Mother Teresa ~ love" Teresa Auditors (2015 year)
Musical seat "Nicky" Nicky Auditors (2014 year)
Musical "Anne of Green Gables" Anne (childhood) (2014 year)
Musical seat "Wildflowers" Eva children era (2014 year)
Musical seat "Troubleshooting Show" leaves Auditors (2013 year)
Musical seat "Nicky" Nicky Auditors (2013 year)
Musical seat "mama lover" MusumeRie Auditors (2012 year)

Search information

Kind actress
Birthplace Kanto Saitama ken
birthday 8 month 24 day
Blood type Type A
Height / size 159 cm
[Language examination, other examinations]
[Others] Introduction to the tea ceremony training
Favorite things
[musics] Musical songs, Takarazuka songs
[program] Drama, Sky Stage
[movies] Cutie Blonde, Studio Ghibli
[Manga, animation, game] Po's family, roses of Versailles etc.
[place] Flower field, mountain, flower shop
[Food and drink] Sushi, raw ham
[color] Pink, white
[Others] Sentenced bird, dog
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] Piano, violin, ukulele, vocal music
[Sports] Tap dance, jazz dance, ballet
[Entertainment] Stage theater
[Outdoor] Gardening, mountaineering
[life] Painting (Acrylic · oil painting), Nibumi, Suicide, Tea ceremony
[Education] Sweets, making accessories, handicrafts

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