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Ren Yamaguchi

Ren Yamaguchi

Ren Yamaguchi


Affiliation Nagara Management
birthday 2006/7/5
Blood type A type
Birthplace Saitama Prefecture
Career ★ NHK BS Premium "Waratchao!" Regular appearances in !!

«TV shows & dramas»
CX "Chef ~ Maidsu no meal service ~" class Student role * Regular (2016 year)
NHK ABU Asia Children's Drama Series 2016 "Maekikaneko" Starring (2016 Year)
CX "Really scary story 2014" Honor members (2014 year)
CS Kids Station "Yoiko's KIDS Paradise!" (2013 Year)
CX "Really scary story 2013" (2013 year)
NHK BS Premium "Wallachcheo!" (2013 Years ~)
CX "Suzuko no Koi" Shinji role (2012 year)

Meiji Za "Hiroshi Itsuki Special Performance · Motoi Hayashi" role Kamedaro (2015 year)
Meiji Za "New Year Special Performance · Kasuka Station" Country Chairman (2015 Year)
Meiji Za "Kitajima Saburo Special Performance - Ina no Kantaro Hitori Journey" Shintarou (2013 Year)

<< Musica? >>
Musical Theater "Junior" (2018 Year)
Musical "Billy Elliot ~ Little Dancer ~" role as Michael (2017 year)
Musical theater "Mother Teresa - love song" Ashoku role (2015 year)
Musical theater "Nicky" Sniper role (2014 year)

McDonald's · Yo-kai Watch Potato Case "Tachibana with a Youkai" Hen (2015 Year)
Tokyo Shoe Distribution Center "trade-in campaign" (2014 year)
All JA (2013 years)
Agatsuma "Anpanman Genius Brain Series" (2012 Year)

Search information

Kind A child
Birthplace Kanto Saitama ken
birthday 7 month 5 day
Blood type Type A
Height / size 138 cm
[Language examination, other examinations]
Favorite things
[musics] Musical songs, Taro Hakase
[program] Drama, quiz show
[movies] Ghibli in the Kingdom of the Teiichi
[Manga, animation, game] Clan of Poe, Detective Conan etc
[place] Flower field, mountain, house
[Food and drink] Pizza, yogurt
[color] Yellow, Orange
[Others] Sentenced bird, dog
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] Piano, violin, voice
[Sports] Tap dance, jazz dance, ballet, back
[Entertainment] Stage theater
[Outdoor] Gardening, Fishing
[life] Painting (color pencil, corner), dance, sword
[Others] Cooking, collecting old coins, making herbs

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