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Shun Mizutani

Shun Mizutani

Shun Mizutani


Affiliation Nagara Management
birthday 1990/10/30
Blood type O
Birthplace Mie Prefecture
Career «TV drama»
NHK E tele "high school courses and chemical basis" (2016 year)
Kumquat "lord of the itch" Hen (2015 year)
Brewers Association "in the real intention, talk will .BEER TALK" (2016 year)
"Stage version Tenchu ​​-2015" Shimozuka auditors approval Noriyuki snow (2015 year)
Meiji seat "humanity struggle Symbol - Yutaka Yamakawa Kaori Mizumori special performance-Ningyo-cho Story brother and sister" (2015 year)
Kite role "distance to the Spring" (2015 year)
projectDREAMER 2014 Vol.6 "LACK." (2014 year)
NEXT4 "wing of the bird / Finding Satoko" (2013 year)
Qin set vol.5 "Taklimakan" (2013 year)
Air Studio "Nobunaga" (2012 year)
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Search information

Kind An actor
Birthplace Kinki Mie prefecture
birthday 10 month 30 day
Blood type O type
Height / size 172 cm
[drivers license] It has been acquired
[Language] English, English conversation (daily life)
[Language examination, other examinations] Eiken 2 class, Han judgment 1 class
[Others] World heritage certificate 2 class, hot spring sommelier
Favorite things
[musics] EDM, Western music
[program] Quiz show (research)
[Manga, animation, game] Winning Eleven
[place] Spa
[Food and drink] Yubari Mellon
[color] black
[Others] Sekisei parakeet
Hobbies & Skills
[Entertainment] Quiz, SLR
[Outdoor] Hot spring, travel (historical sites, old battlefield)
[life] Sekisei parakeet
[Education] Japanese history, English, quizzes

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