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Ayumi Takahashi

Ayumi Takahashi

Ayumi Takahashi


Affiliation Nagara Management
birthday 1/17
Blood type A type
Birthplace Kanagawa Prefecture
Career Stage "friendship -Friendship-" starring (2004 year & 2005 year)
Stage "Hula Girls" (2008 year), etc.
2010 NHK drama "Tomehane! Suzuri Kōkō Shodōbu"
Regular appearances
2013 Tokai TV "is to get into trouble Gate serving Fukurai"
Regular appearances

Search information

Kind actress
Birthplace Kanto Kanagawa ken
birthday 1 month 17 day
Blood type Type A
Height / size 163cm
[drivers license] It has been acquired
Favorite things
[fashion] casual
[musics] Western music
[place] Park, sea
[Food and drink] White rice, beer
[color] Earth color, baby pink, glitter
[Others] Cat
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] Tahitian Music
[Sports] Tahitian dance, muscle training
[Education] Handicraft


Release date title
2009/07/24 Movie "Love Exposure"
2006/11/24 Movie "One Missed Call Final"
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Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact
~ 04 / 30
NEWPerformance "Rainbow of hearts" appearance appeared!

"Rainbow of heart"
Planning and production: FREE (S)
Production: Free S

Minami Koseitsu's song "The Rainbow of Heart" original plan!
The story of love 's love sent by Free Es by Heisei at the end of Heisei
What is family love? What is human love?
Why do not you warm your heart as you smile and cry and feel it?

Theme Song: "The Rainbow of Hearts" Minami Okitsu
Screenplay: Kengo Noyori
Production: FREE (S)
Cast: Ayumi Takahashi, Kyohei Kugashita
Noyori Keigo, Ogawa Yohei, Yoshikiri Taroaku / Koichi Nozaki and others

Location: ○ Nakameguro Woody Theater
Tokyo Meguro-ku Uemei Black 2-43-5 CATTLE SAISON B1F
◆ Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line · Tokyu Toyoko Line "Naka ​​Meguro Station" Walk 8 Minutes

Concert schedule:
Founded 2019 years
4 month 24 day (Wednesday) 19: 00
4 month 25 day (Thursday) 19: 00
4 month 26 day (Friday) 19: 00

4 month 29 day (month) 14: 00
4 month 30 day (Tuesday) 14: 00

Tickets General release:

☆ Limited tickets with bonus: ¥ 4,500 (tax included · seat selection)
◎ What is a privilege? With a favorite actor's autographed autograph! (All performances are different) / Forward good seat
☆ Normal ticket: \ 4,000 (tax included · seat selection)

◎ FREE (S) (Free Session) Ticket Center
◎ PC · Smartphone Special Reservation Form →http://free-es.net
Mobile-only reservation form → t@free-es.net (Access empty mail by automatic reply and receive special reservation form here)

□ Inquiries about tickets: ticket@free-es.net (Free Es)

◎ Confetti (ticket center) ticket center
◎ URL:http://confetti-web.com/

Limited tickets with benefits · Chiakakura performance will be handled only for "FREE (S) ticket center".

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