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Toru Yamaki

Toru Yamaki

Toru Yamaki


birthday 1995/01/25
Blood Type AB type
Birth Place Tokyo

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◆ TV drama ◆
TV Saitama "Information Program Machi Commi" Monday Reporter (2017 Years ~)
TBS Monday Classic Theater "Fishing Crime" (2016 Year)
TX "eternal 0" (2014 year)

◆ movie ◆
Toho "Birigyaru" (2015 year)

◆ stage ◆
"Become a momentary breeze" as Masato Moriya (2021)
"Tsukisute." TRI! SCHOOL REVOLUTION! Ver.WHITE (2017 year)
Musical "Nintama Rantaro 8 bullet - Graded fifth grader! With skill, artistic, first mission !!" - (2017 year)
"MARKER LIGHT BLUE marker light blue" (2016 year)
"Immortal Beloved" (2016 year)
"He different Isan" (2016 year)
"Transparent girl" (2016 year)
"Staff Roles" (2015 year)

◆ CM ◆
Co., Ltd. COLOPL - "white cat tennis" "incandescent Battle" Hen

■ Toru Yamaki Voice Sample

Search information

Type An actor
Birth Place Kanto Tokyo
birthday 1 month 25 day
Blood Type AB type 
Height / size 174cm
[drivers license] It has been acquired
[Motorcycle license] It has been acquired
Favorite things
[fashion] Leather, silver accessories
[place] Clear place of air
[Food and drink] Strawberries, liquor
[color] "Red"
[Others] bike
Hobbies & Skills
[Entertainment] Touring, motorcycle
[Outdoor] Onsen (day trip)
[life] Cooking and seasoning making
[Others] Cavalry, motorcycle maintenance, cocktail making

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