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Moro 僚也

Ryoya Moro

Moro 僚也


birthday 2004/7/29
Blood type O
Birthplace Tochigi Prefecture
Career ◆ TV drama ◆
TX "Idol x Warrior Miracle Cum!" (2017 Year)
NHK "Hashire, Miwa track" (2015 year)

◆ movie ◆
"Museum" (2016 year)
"Eat the month in the Garden of Glass" (2015 year)
"Hidamari Hana" (2014 year)

◆ stage ◆
"Not found friendship" (2015 year)
Toki role "distance to the Spring" (2015 year)

◆ CM ◆
Radio CM Amazon Prime Video "Mini Theater of Tent" (2017 Year)

Search information

Kind A child
Birthplace Kanto Tochigi Prefecture
birthday 7 month 29 day
Blood type O type
Height / size 160 cm
Favorite things
[fashion] Wallet, Parka
[musics] J-POP, Ed Sheeran
[program] Fiction, Variety
[movies] Avengers etc.
[Manga, animation, game] Kingdom, Claroix etc.
[place] Bookstore, Universal Studios Japan, Kusatsu
[Food and drink] Tororo, Peperoncino
[color] Black, purple
[Others] Cats, stationery
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] ピ ア ノ
[Sports] Swimming, soccer, table tennis, sword, dance
[Entertainment] Shogi, Chess
[Outdoor] Onsen, domestic and foreign travel
[life] (I.e.
[Education] Reading, Space, Science
[Others] YouTube viewing, Sangokushi

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