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Rikuga Shibata


Rikuga Shibata


birthday 2003/4/9
Birthplace Tokyo
Career ◆ TV drama ◆
NTV "I just born earlier" 5 talk (2017 year)
TX "Piramekino 640" Kapuriko a short performance (2015 year)
TX "Pokemon get ☆ TV" (2015 year)
CX "Mecha × 2 COOL Tsu!" Mecha Ginn ton regular (2015 year)
TX "exciting Kids ★ Expedition" Kura Sushi Hen (2014 year)
TX "Night stop the tears of Takatoshi" Mikiya Auditors (2014 year)
TX "Piramekino 640" BAR Piramekino (2014 year)
NHK "E Dance Academy 2" regular (2014 year)
NHK "law of R" reproduction (2013 year)
TBS "Women's Ana of punishment," the student auditor (2013 year)
When the TBS "monitoring" If the vending machine is talking (2013 year)
CX "in the first place," grandson Auditors (2013 year)
TX "loneliness of gourmet season2" first 6 story Itabashi Hen (2013 year)
CS "Hobitcho!" (2013 year)
TBS "squid-sama octopus-sama" (2012 year)
TBS "Compared Ku labeler" (2011 year)

◆ movie ◆
"The heart wants to cry" (2017 year)
"When again, with you, ~ how many days will you come back" (2017 year)
"Realistic game of tag" (Sono Sion Director) boy B Officer (2015 year)

◆ CM ◆
"HOYA contact" (2016 year)
Meiko Keio YDK dancer (2015 year)
Bandai "specter medal Busters" (2015 year)
Hitachi 1 / Hitachi Series Hitachi Construction Machinery Hen (2014 year)
Benesse Corporation "Shinkenzemi" (2013 year)
Dai-ichi Life "D Saber senior" (2013 year)
Bushiroad "Card Fight !! Vanguard" (2012 year)
McDonald's "Happy Meal" (2012 year)
Takara Tommy "Pokemon Sound Soft Vinyl Figure" (2010 year)

◆ VP · MV ◆
Exam Doctor (2015 year)
Artrandom "Home Run Boy" (2015 year)
ring-trip "not alone" Shota Auditors (2015 year)
Xperia "7 color Symphony" (2013 year)
nano.RIPE "than Nanairobi" (2013 year)
Billiken "the wind blows hill" (2011 year)

◆ stage ◆
Musical 'Wansa-kun' (2016 year)
Opera "Medea" Medea children Auditors (Nissay) (2012 year)

◆ Steel ◆
Meiko Kids (2011 year)
Recruit housing information magazine (2010 year)
Nagano prefecture mutual aid (2009 year)

Search information

Kind A child
Birthplace Kanto Tokyo
birthday 4 month 9 day
Blood type O type
Height / size 164 cm
[Language examination, other examinations] Japanese Kanji abilities test 4 class, practical English skills test 3 class
Favorite things
[musics] J-POP, Anison, Arashi
[program] Animation, Variety, Drama
[movies] Star Wars etc, animation
[Manga, animation, game] General animation cartoon game
[place] Tokyo Disney Resort, Akihabara
[Food and drink] Meat, Tomato cuisine in general
[color] Blue, red
[Others] Junior novel
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] ピ ア ノ
[Sports] Golf, Dance, Suicide
[Entertainment] Karaoke, Game, Shogi
[Outdoor] Travel, BBQ
[Education] Reading

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