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Ariyasu Nomura

Airi Nomura

Ariyasu Nomura


birthday 2004/1/17
Blood type O
Birthplace Chiba
Career ◆ drama ◆
NTV "I just born earlier" 6 talk (2017 year)
CX "Chef ~ Three star meal service ~" (2017 year)

◆ movie ◆
"SHADOW KIDS" Ranko Auditors (2016 year)

◆ stage ◆
Apricot role "Ayakashi prince of Hyakusen's house" (2015 year)
"Ameya night ... of" Kine child actor (2011 year)

◆ musical ◆
"Annie" role as Duffy (2017 year)
"DAICHI - To those who live with love -" (2017 year)
"Little Wansa" OJo Auditors (2016 year)
"Earth kids" Hime Auditors (2015 year)
"Ron of the Garden," Ron Auditors (2015 year)
"SCORE" Argo Auditors (2015 year)
"Annie Christmas Concert" (2015 year)
"Annie," Street Child Auditors (2014 year)
"Night sky of the rainbow," Anna Officer (2014 year)
"Annie Christmas Concert" (2014 year)
"Sakuragai of Amanjaku" Taro Auditors (2013 year)
"Happy blue bird" Shiny Auditors (2012 year)
"Forest of Prince" pitch Auditors (2012 year)
"Robinson Robinson" robot role (2012 year)
Butterfly role "Garden of New Ron" (2012 year)
"New Tamagon" Mosutara Auditors (2012 year)
"New witch Bamba" Marsh Officer (2012 year)
"Robinson Robinson" Lily Auditors (2011 year)
"Clown doll of poetry" kitten, fairy-fruit Auditors (2010 year)

Search information

Kind A child
Birthplace Kanto Chiba
birthday 1 month 17 day
Blood type O type
Height / size 156 cm
Favorite things
[fashion] shoes
[musics] Musical songs
[program] Variety, drama
[movies] The Greatest Show Man, Musical Movie, Disney, Studio Ghibli, Action, Drama, Comedy, Animation
[place] Hawaii, Sapporo, Amusement parks, Karaoke
[Food and drink] Sushi, Japanese sweets
[color] purple
[Others] Family, dog
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] Voice training, piano, absolute pitching
[Sports] Classical Ballet (XNUM Year), Jazz Dance, Tap Dance, Tennis, Horse Riding
[Entertainment] Theater, karaoke
[Outdoor] Domestic travel, overseas travel, camping, hot springs
[life] Pet

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