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Nomura Rie

Rio Nomura

Nomura Rie


birthday 2007/3/3
Blood type O
Birthplace Chiba
Career ★ as Kokekko set of a member of the Hikawa with Kokekko group sings "Oha Suta" new OP theme "Chitty Chitty OHA song of Kiyoshi", I was allowed to cast.

◆ drama ◆
CX "Chef ~ Three star meal service ~" (2017 year)

◆ CM ◆
SodaStream (2016 year)

◆ musical ◆
Musical "Annie" role as Annie (2017 year)
"Jackie!" Jackie Auditors (2016 year)
"Ron of the Garden" Mimi Auditors (2015 year)
"SCORE" clef Officer (2015 year)
"Annie Christmas Concert" (2015 year)
"Annie" Molly Auditors (2014 year)
"Night sky of the rainbow" clown auditors (2014 year)
"Annie Christmas Concert" (2014 year)
"Sakuragai of Amanjaku" Mikiyaku (2013 year)
"Robinson Robinson" robot role (2012 year)
Butterfly role "Garden of New Ron" (2012 year)
"New Tamagon" Mioyaku (2012 year)

Search information

Kind A child
Birthplace Kanto Chiba
birthday 3 month 3 day
Blood type O type
Height / size 138 cm
Favorite things
[fashion] Hair arrangement
[musics] Musical songs
[program] Variety, drama, animation
[movies] Musical movie, Disney, Ghibli, action, drama, comedy, animation
[place] Hawaii, Sapporo, Pool, Onsen, Amusement Park, Athletic
[Food and drink] La France, peach, meat, sushi, cake
[color] purple
[Others] Family, dog
Hobbies & Skills
[musics] Voice training, piano
[Sports] Classical Ballet, Jazz Dance, Tap Dance, Tennis, Horse Riding
[Entertainment] Theater
[Outdoor] Domestic travel, overseas travel, camping, hot springs
[life] Pet, cooking
[Others] Making slime, UV resin, experiment

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