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Azuchi HimeHana

Himeka Ando

Azuchi HimeHana


birthday 2007/4/3
Birthplace Tokyo
Career ◆ stage ◆
Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Meeting of Meiji Za "The Mouse Monster" (2017 Year)
◆ musical ◆
"Shower" (2017 year)
Self-PR We learned the rhythmic gymnastics from 5 years old.
Because it jumped 30 worth more than jumping rope every day as one of the practice
There is confidence in physical strength, perseverance.
Also the challenge of what, CM, drama, out a lot on the stage
Who I also want to be an actress who knows.

Search information

Kind A child
Birthplace Kanto Tokyo
birthday 4 month 3 day
Blood type Type B
Height / size 138 cm
[Language examination, other examinations] Japanese Kanji ability test 8 class
Favorite things
[fashion] Outfit
[musics] Hayabusa's senior "Rujinjin", songs likely to be used for rhythmic gymnastics
[program] variety
[movies] Harry Potter Series
[Manga, animation, game] Crayon Shin-chan etc., minions etc.
[place] Universal Studios Japan
[Food and drink] Strawberry
[color] Red
[Others] Cat
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] Rhythmic gymnastics, flexible exercises
[Entertainment] Watching the stage
[Outdoor] barbecue
[Education] Arithmetic
[Others] YouTube viewing

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