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Ozoe Osamu

Shuzo Ohira

Ozoe Osamu


birthday 2001/3/12
Blood type Type B
Birthplace Kanagawa Prefecture
Career ◆ CM ◆
Nagafu Seisakusho Co., Ltd. "Comfortable things" (2018 year)
Try a private tutor "Try IT" ♪ Tell me the distance to love (2016 year)
Shinkenzemi - Junior High School Course "that you do not say to a close friend" (2015 year)
Atenia "Returned Letter ~ Letter Not Reached" (2015 Year)
Kanko - Student Clothing Catalog Model (2015 Year)

Search information

Kind An actor
Birthplace Kanto Kanagawa ken
birthday 3 month 12 day
Blood type Type B
Height / size 185 cm
[Language] English
[Language examination, other examinations] Eiken 2 class, Han exam 3 class
Favorite things
[fashion] Shoes, denim
[musics] Western music
[program] Music, Variety
[movies] General SF
[Manga, animation, game] NARUTO etc.
[place] Tokyo Disney Resort, Harajuku
[Food and drink] meat
[color] Black, white
[Others] dog
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] サ ッ カ ー
[Entertainment] Karaoke, movies & music appreciation
[Outdoor] overseas trip
[life] Music, fashion
[Education] Language study
[Others] YouTube viewing, karaoke

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