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Tomizawa village 綸那

Riona Tomizawa

Tomizawa village 綸那


birthday 2009/4/25
Birthplace Tokyo
Career ◆ CM ◆
Kaneku Corporation
"Kanefuku authentic pasta sauce Mentaiko · Tako" It is a collaboration with Kiyoshi Hikawa!
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◆ TV ◆
NTV "Dancing! Sanama Goten !!" Reproduction VTR Appearance (2018 Year 3 Month 6 Day Broadcasting)

◆ stage ◆
"The night when the mother's cherry blossomed" (2018 year 4 month 4 day)
Meiji Za 11 Moon Performance "Fireworks of Kyoto" (2017 Year)
Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Meeting of Meiji Za "The Mouse Monster" (2017 Year)
"Contest" (2017 year)

◆ Production stage "Aoi no Hana" preview announcement video release !!
【Schedule · timetable】
Founded 2018 years

Self-PR Smiling is energetic.
Drama, movie, I want to widely active and magazines.
I am enjoying play lessons as well.
I'll try hard to have a feeling of gratitude.

Search information

Kind A child
Birthplace Kanto Tokyo
birthday 4 month 25 day
Height / size 121 cm
Favorite things
[fashion] Dress up, accessories
[musics] Nursery rhyme, J-POP
[program] Movies, Variety, Drama
[movies] Ghibli movies etc, Disney movies etc.
[place] Park, Athletic, Karaoke
[Food and drink] Nira, dumplings
[color] Pink, Orange
[Others] Origami, drawing
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] Swimming, jazz dance, hip hop, modern volleyball, table tennis, tennis, badminton
[Entertainment] Watching movies

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