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Iida Tama璃

Shuri Iida

Iida Tama璃


birthday 2007/4/18
Blood type A type
Birthplace Ibaraki Prefecture
Career ◆ stage ◆
Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Meeting of Meiji Za "The Mouse Monster" (2017 Year)
"Contest" @ Meiji Yasuda Life Hall (2017 year)

Search information

Kind Child, model
Birthplace Kanto Ibaraki prefecture
birthday 4 month 18 day
Blood type Type A
Height / size 145 cm
Favorite things
[fashion] Clothes, accessories, back
[musics] POP, K-POP, R & B
[program] variety
[movies] Doraemon etc.
[Manga, animation, game] Dragon ball etc.
[place] Tokyo Disney Resort
[Food and drink] Bread, strawberries
[color] Pink, purple
[Others] dog
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] ダンス
[Entertainment] ゲーム
[Outdoor] Travel, BBQ
[life] Fashion
[Education] A painting
[Others] Piano, YouTube viewing

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