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Shin Shigoto

Hayato Araki

Shin Shigoto


birthday 2005/1/1
Blood type O
Birthplace Tokyo
Career ◆ musical ◆
"Score!" Leading role role (2017 year 8 month)
"Edel of me and the phantom" role of hull (2017 year)
"Wansa-kun" the leading role of Wansa (2016 year)
◆ movie ◆
Theater version "Jewel" (2016 year)
Short film "The Night Skys" Noto (2016 year)
◆ drama ◆
BS period drama "Naruto secretary" (2018 year)
"Masked Rider Drive" (2015 year)
"Masked Rider Ghost" (2015 year)
NHK Taiga Drama "Hana Yuki" (2015 Year)
◆ CM ◆
Mitsukan "Power of vinegar"

Search information

Kind A child
Birthplace Kanto Tokyo
birthday 1 month 1 day
Blood type O type
Height / size 153 cm
[Sports test related] Riding test 4 class
Favorite things
[fashion] T-shirt
[musics] WANNAONE, Yuzu, K-POP
[program] variety
[movies] Harry Potter Series
[place] Tokyo Disney Resort, Universal Studios Japan
[Food and drink] Omelette rice
[color] Yellow, gold
[Others] Cat
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] Dance, Girls Hip Hop
[Entertainment] Music appreciation
[Outdoor] Travel
[life] Pet
[Others] Piano, Vocal, Suicide, Korean, Student Council member, Broadcasting Division

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