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Request for appearance of television, radio, etc. Inquiry form

Please contact us from this form for consultation of the media appearance of the artists belonging to the Nagara Group.

After filling in the necessary matter, please click the "send" button and send the contents.
Please be careful that there are no mistakes in the contents, incomplete input of necessary items, etc.
* It may be unable to answer depending on the content of the question.

In addition, it may take some time to give you a reply.

Regarding Kiyoshi Hikawa, we cannot accept requests for appearances on TV, radio, interviews, distribution, etc. from the inquiry form.

※ Please note that we can not accept personal requests (such as appearances on weddings or video messages).

※ The reply e-mail from our company is sending to the customer individually. Reprint, 2 next use please refrain.

Is a required item.

Appearance media

Desired talent
Appearance contents
Company name / organization name
Name(Chinese characters)
e-mail address
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Telephone number (Half size number)
FAX (Half size Numerals)
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Remarks (schedule, supplement, etc.)

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