Nagara group

Privacy notices and requests

Thank you for your warm support for our artists.
Thank you very much.

While there are people who are warmly supporting us, in manners
There are some people who are doing something that goes against them.

In response to such a situation, the privacy of the affiliated artist
Please note and request

Currently, I'm very sorry, but my artist's private
The act of disclosing the contents related to Sea, slander to the artist,
Spreading hoaxes, posting excessive speculation articles, impersonating the artist himself
Acts, etc. on the Internet and various social media
(Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, etc.)
vinegar.Such acts such as slander are defamation, insult, credit damage, etc.
You may be accused of obstructing business.
Posting, spreading, posting videos of articles and comments that correspond to slander, etc.
Please stop disseminating hoax information.

The office will take legal action against such malicious acts.
I will consider.

With your understanding and cooperation, moderation and cooperation to protect the artist
Please follow the etiquette and support us.

All Nagara Group staff

Reference site
SNS slander What you rob, what you lose
~ # NoHeartNoSNS (It's not SNS without a heart!) ~
* Excerpt from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications website