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2019/05/24 A live broadcast program starts from 6 every Monday afternoon at 7 on the official YouTube channel "NAGARA TV" of Nagara Group!
2019/05/23 Aihana "McDonalds" CM McShake XNUM X species Berry "Make Shake Refreshing !!"
2019/05/22 Aika Takagi presents TGC KITAKYUSHU 2019 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION appearance decision!
2019/05/20 Hisashi Tagawa radio information updated!
2019/05/20 Folk song girls live event "fight fight decisive battle ・ serious (live) live!" XNUM X Moon X X X X (Saturday) is held!
2019/05/15 Aihana Mai Navi presents 29 Tokyo Girls Collection by girlswalker 2019 AUTUMN / WINTER Appearance decision!
2019/05/14 Hikawa Kiyoshi XNUM X Moon X Num X day (Tues) released [New ・ Enka Meikyoku Collection XNUM X-okay / best of the boat head-] jacket photo released! !
2019/05/13 Hikawa Kiyoshi celebration debut 20 anniversary! X NUM X months consecutive Hikawa Kiyoshi special feature X NUM X The year X NUM X monthly broadcasts are decided by channel galaxy!
2019/05/13 Aika "World Wedding" Image model! Many official photos on the official website!
2019/05/13 Toru Yamaki Stage "Tokyo Indies Performance vol. X NUM" Gen Jenja! "~ Treasures and Ryokan ~ X NUM X" appearance decision!
2019/05/11 Billiken 5 Moon 29 release on sale Long-awaited new song "Kokorono canvas" music video released!
2019/05/09 Takuma Zaiki drama CM series "We also fighters" appearance!
2019/04/28 Folk song girls 3rd single "Happy Days" 7 Mon 31 day (Wednesday) release decision!
2019/04/26 "Iwasa Misaki Concert 2019 ~ Power of Music Passed beyond Generation ~" 5 / 29 (Wed) DVD · Blu-ray released!
2019/04/25 Yumemiya Kanae throws in the role of Sailor Moon at the opening ceremony of Kana Yumemiya XNUM / 4 (Wed) Hiroshima Carp
2019/04/19 Gucci Yuzo YouTube Update! [Gucci Yuzo with Guts] Oma ~ Oh, Pretty Woma
2019/04/18 Yumemiya Kanae Asahi Beverage "WILKINSON" in the WEBmovie appearance!
2019/04/17 Isao Sasaki "Sasai Isao Anison · Special Effects LIVE2019" 9 Mon 29 Day (Sun) will be held !!
4 Mon XNUM X Sun (Sun) "Super Robot Spirit XNUM" "Springs" "Ticket pre-sales decision in the lobby!
2019/04/16 Toru Yamaki 7 / 3 (Wed) ~ 7 (Sun) Stage "Sakurada Family Story" appearance decision!
2019/04/12 Toru Yamaki "Ryo Kushita & Toru Yamaki ~ Hot spring tour together! Vol.

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