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2021/01/08 Hayabusa "Net Cheki Autograph Session vol.6" will be held on 1/28 (Thursday)!
2021/01/07 Kaori Mizumori 1/22 (Friday) Tokyo Hoku Topia Performance 1/28 (Thursday) Tokyo Olympus Hall Hachioji Performance Important Notice
2021/01/06 Kiyoshi Hikawa 2/25 (Thursday) Public recording "New BS Japanese song" Gunma 1/22 (Friday) Looking for viewing!
2021/01/01 "The 23st Nagara Group Night Cherry Blossom Enka Festival-Enka Spring Festival Special-Tokyo's 23 Wards, Over 4 Years ..." will be held on 7/XNUMX (Wed.)!
2020/12/25 Yuto Tatsumi and new single "Invited Eden / Bokyo" store benefits have been decided!
2020/12/22 Yuto Tatsumi and both A-side singles "Invited Eden / Bokyo" will be released on 1/27 (Wed.)!Jacket photo released!
2020/12/18 Kaori Mizumori "Kaori Mizumori Meijiza Performance" 2021/6/18 (Fri) -6/27 (Sun) to be held!
2020/12/18 Kiyoshi Hikawa "Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2020 ~ Kiyoshi Kono Yoru Vol.20 ~" will be broadcast on WOWOW!
2020/12/18 Miyabi Nakano 1st EP "Kurutsuki" Now available on each distribution site!
2020/12/16 Kaori Mizumori "Kaori Mizumori Music Video Collection" DVD is now on sale!
2020/12/16 Takuma Zaiki will appear on the stage "Makai Tensho"! From April 2021 (Aichi / Fukuoka / Tokyo / Osaka)
2020/12/15 Hayabusa "Hayabusa Christmas Dinner Show" 12/24 (Thursday) Performance Cancellation Notice
2020/12/15 Yuto Tatsumi "Yuto Tatsumi Christmas Dinner Show" 12/25 (Friday) Performance Cancellation Notice
2020/12/12 Aika will appear in "KANSAI COLLECTION 1SS", which will be held for the first time in a year and a half!
2020/12/09 Kaori Mizumori New song "Naruko Gorge" will be released on 1/19 (Tue.)!Jacket photo released!
2020/12/09 Kaori Mizumori New song "Naruko Gorge" release commemoration "Dokodemo Internet autograph session" will be held on 1/20 (Wednesday) at Yamano Music Co., Ltd.
2020/12/09 Misaki Iwasa "Meguri Misaki-Chapter 2-" "Blues on the Right and Left Hands" Special Application Plan Changes in Benefits
2020/12/07 Aika ViVi official YouTube channel "ViVi channel" [Yuru chat] is being delivered!
2020/12/04 Aika 12/9 (Wednesday) 19: 00-21: 57 Live broadcast TBS "Todaioh" 3 hours live broadcast special appearance!Please have a look!
2020/12/04 Learn and practice skin care on Aika ViVi official YouTube channel "ViVi channel"!

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