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2020/10/13 Kiyoshi Hikawa Genre A new start for Kiyoshi Hikawa! The new album "Metempsychosis" will be released today on 10/13 (Tue.)!The recorded song "Dead Leaf" MV released!
2020/10/13 Kiyoshi Hikawa Special edition of "New Monthly Kiyoshi Hikawa" will be published in "Daily Sports" released today on 10/13 (Tuesday)!
2020/10/13 Aika x GU "Marshmallow Feel Lounge Wear" is now on sale at the official online store!
2020/10/12 Aika x merry jenny RUNWAY channel merry jenny winter feat.erica vol.3 is developing "2020 WINTER COLLECTION"!
2020/10/10 Yuto Tatsumi and a new event! !! "Yuto Tatsumi is a raw, but raw? (Tentative)" will be held on 10/22 (Thu) and 10/24 (Sat)!
2020/10/09 Kiyoshi Hikawa "Kiyoshi Hikawa Concert Tour 2020-Like Each Flower-" Tour Resumption
2020/10/08 Hayabusa Christmas Dinner Show will be held on Thursday, December 12th!
2020/10/08 Yuto Tatsumi and Christmas Dinner Show will be held on 12/25 (Fri.)!
2020/10/08 New autumn / winter items from Aika x CODE SHARE "fifth calin"!
2020/10/07 Kiyoshi Hikawa Released on 10/13 (Tuesday) Special Goods Award for purchasers of "Metempsychosis"!
2020/10/07 Yuto Tatsumi and both A-side singles "Sentimental Heart / Otoko no Shigure" New Edition C Type / D Type Now on sale!
2020/10/05 Aika x OLIVE des OLIVE "OLIVE des OLIVE New Arrival" is under development!
2020/10/01 Notice to fan club members who purchased Kiyoshi Hikawa's 20th anniversary special project "Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert-Kiyoshi Kono Yoru-Best Selection DVD 5 Volume Set"
2020/10/01 Toshimi Tagawa Now on sale!New song "Kaede" with 10/5 Oricon weekly single enka ranking 1st place!
2020/10/01 Kiyoshi Hikawa New album "Metempsychosis" songs / Meijiza "Koi, Burning. -From "Osan no Koi" by Akimoto Matsuyo- "Performance theme song" Koi, Burning. ] 1cho. And Kiyoshi Hikawa comment video is now available!
2020/10/01 Kiyoshi Hikawa New Album "Metempsychosis" 10/13 (Tuesday) Release Commemorative Store Bonus Information!
2020/10/01 "Kiyoshi Hikawa Special PV Collection Vol.20" to commemorate the 2th anniversary of Kiyoshi Hikawa's debut will be released on 11/11 (Wed.)!
2020/09/30 Yutaka Yamakawa's new single "Otoko no Showa Rika" will be released on 9/30 (Wed.)! MV short version is now available!
2020/09/29 Yuto Tatsumi "Sentimental Heart / Men's Shigure" C type / D type Tower Records Umeda Osaka Marubiru store limited purchaser first-come-first-served basis decision!
2020/09/28 Toshimi Tagawa 11/2 (Monday) "Columbia Monthly Kayo Live 2020 -Columbia Flower Stage- <71st>" Notice of seat change

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